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Actor Data Sections


VROM VRAM Size Identification
Start End Start End
D6610 D66B0 800E76B0 800E7750 A0 En_A_Obj


VROM VRAM Size Identification
Start End Start End
D66B0 D6950 800E7750 800E79F0 2A0 En_Item_00



# Start End Used Description
456 0x000178D4 0x000xxxxx


Particle Overlay Table

VROM VRAM Size Identification
Start End Start End
D6BA0 D6FAC 800E7C40 800E804C 40C Particle Overlay Table

Actor Overlay Table

VROM VRAM Size Identification
Start End Start End
D7490 DAF70 800E8530 800EC010 3AE0 Actor Overlay Table

Entrance Cutscene Table

VROM VRAM Size Identification
Start End Start End
DEC64 DED8C 800EFD04 800EFE2C 128 Entrance Cutscenes

Mask Reaction Text

VROM VRAM Size Identification
Start End Start End
DFE60 E0298 800F0F00 800F1338 438 Mask Reaction Text

Maps Epona Can Enter

VROM VRAM Size Identification
Start End Start End
E03C0 E03D4 800F1460 800F1474 14 Maps Epona Can Enter


RAM # Map ID
800F1460 0051 Spot 00 - Hyrule Field
800F1464 0057 Spot 06 - Lake Hylia
800F1468 005A Spot 09 - Gerudo Valley
800F146C 005D Spot 12 - Gerudo's Fortress
800F1470 0063 Spot 20 - Lon Lon Ranch

Object Table

VROM VRAM Size Identification
Start End Start End
E7F50 E8BE8 800F8FF0 800F9C88 C98 Object Table

Entrance Table

VROM VRAM Size Identification
Start End Start End
E8BF0 EA440 800F9C90 800FB4E0 1850 Entrance Table (Data)

Scene Table

VROM VRAM Size Identification
Start End Start End
EA440 EAC28 800FB4E0 800FBCC8 7E8 Scene Table

Instrument Table

VROM VRAM Size Identification
Start End Start End
EE300 EF324 800FF3A0 801003C4 1024 Instrument Table


VROM VRAM Size Identification
Start End Start End
EE300 EE500 800FF3A0 800FF5A0 200 Instrument 0x80 (Sawtooth)
EE300 EE380 800FF3A0 800FF420 80 Sawtooth 1x
EE380 EE400 800FF420 800FF4A0 80 Sawtooth 2x
EE400 EE480 800FF4A0 800FF520 80 Sawtooth 4x
EE480 EE500 800FF520 800FF5A0 80 Sawtooth 8x
EE500 EE700 800FF5A0 800FF7A0 200 Instrument 0x81 (Triangle)
EE500 EE580 800FF5A0 800FF620 80 Triangle 1x
EE580 EE600 800FF620 800FF6A0 80 Triangle 2x
EE600 EE680 800FF6A0 800FF720 80 Triangle 4x
EE680 EE700 800FF720 800FF7A0 80 Triangle 8x
EE700 EE900 800FF7A0 800FF9A0 200 Instrument 0x82 (Sine Wave)
EE700 EE780 800FF7A0 800FF820 80 Sine Wave 1x
EE780 EE800 800FF820 800FF8A0 80 Sine Wave 2x
EE800 EE880 800FF8A0 800FF920 80 Sine Wave 4x
EE880 EE900 800FF920 800FF9A0 80 Sine Wave 8x
EE900 EEB00 800FF9A0 800FFBA0 200 Instrument 0x83 (Square Wave)
EE900 EE980 800FF9A0 800FFA20 80 Square Wave 1x
EE980 EEA00 800FFA20 800FFAA0 80 Square Wave 2x
EEA00 EEA80 800FFAA0 800FFB20 80 Square Wave 4x
EEA80 EEB00 800FFB20 800FFBA0 80 Square Wave 8x
EEB00 EED00 800FFBA0 800FFDA0 200 Instrument 0x84 (Noise I)
EEB00 EEB80 800FFBA0 800FFC20 80 Noise I 1x
EEB80 EEC00 800FFC20 800FFCA0 80 Noise I 2x
EEC00 EEC80 800FFCA0 800FFD20 80 Noise I 4x
EEC80 EED00 800FFD20 800FFDA0 80 Noise I 8x
EED00 EEF00 800FFDA0 800FFFA0 200 Instrument 0x85 (Noise II)
EED00 EED80 800FFDA0 800FFE20 80 Noise II 1x
EED80 EEE00 800FFE20 800FFEA0 80 Noise II 2x
EEE00 EEE80 800FFEA0 800FFF20 80 Noise II 4x
EEE80 EEF00 800FFF20 800FFFA0 80 Noise II 8x
EEF00 EF100 800FFFA0 801001A0 200 Instrument 0x86 (1/4 Square Wave)
EEF00 EEF80 800FFFA0 80100020 80 1/4 Square Wave 1x
EEF80 EF000 80100020 801000A0 80 1/4 Square Wave 2x
EF000 EF080 801000A0 80100120 80 1/4 Square Wave 4x
EF080 EF100 80100120 801001A0 80 1/4 Square Wave 8x
EF100 EF300 801001A0 801003A0 200 Instrument 0x87 (1/2 Square Wave)
EF100 EF180 801001A0 80100220 80 1/2 Square Wave 1x
EF180 EF200 80100220 801002A0 80 1/2 Square Wave 2x
EF200 EF280 801002A0 80100320 80 1/2 Square Wave 4x
EE280 EF300 80100320 801003A0 80 1/2 Square Wave 8x
VROM VRAM Size Identification
Start End Start End
EF300 EF324 801003A0 801003C4 24 Instrument Offsets

Song Playback

VROM VRAM Size Identification
Start End Start End
F11DC F1A9C 8010227C 80102B3C 8C0 Song Playback


VROM VRAM Size Identification
Start End Start End
F11DC F1270 8010227C 80102310 94 Minuet of Forest
F1278 F131C 80102318 801023BC A4 Bolero of Fire
F131C F13BC 801023BC 8010245C A0 Serenade of Water
F13BC F145C 8010245C 801024FC A0 Requiem of Spirit
F145C F14FC 801024FC 8010259C A0 Nocturne of Shadow
F14FC F159C 8010259C 8010263C A0 Prelude of Light
F159C F163C 8010263C 801026DC A0 Saria's Song
F163C F16DC 801026DC 8010277C A0 Epona's Song
F16DC F177C 8010277C 8010281C A0 Zelda's Lullaby
F177C F181C 8010281C 801028BC A0 Sun's Song
F181C F18BC 801028BC 8010295C A0 Song of Time
F18BC F195C 8010295C 801029FC A0 Song of Storms
F195C F19FC 801029FC 80102A9C A0 Scarecrow's Song I
F19FC F1A9C 80102A9C 80102B3C A0 Scarecrow's Song II

Song Activation

VROM VRAM Size Identification
Start End Start End
F1E5C F1ED1 80102EFC 80102F71 75 Song Activation


VROM VRAM Size Identification
Start End Start End
F1E5C F1E65 80102EFC 80102F05 9 Minuet of Forest
F1E65 F1E6E 80102F05 80102F0E 9 Bolero of Fire
F1E6E F1E77 80102F0E 80102F17 9 Serenade of Water
F1E77 F1E80 80102F17 80102F20 9 Requiem of Spirit
F1E80 F1E89 80102F20 80102F29 9 Nocturne of Shadow
F1E89 F1E92 80102F29 80102F32 9 Prelude of Light
F1E92 F1E9B 80102F32 80102F3B 9 Saria's Song
F1E9B F1EA4 80102F3B 80102F44 9 Epona's Song
F1EA4 F1EAD 80102F44 80102F4D 9 Zelda's Lullaby
F1EAD F1EB6 80102F4D 80102F56 9 Sun's Song
F1EB6 F1EBF 80102F56 80102F5F 9 Song of Time
F1EBF F1EC8 80102F5F 80102F68 9 Song of Storms
F1EC8 F1ED1 80102F68 80102F71 9 Scarecrow's Song


Start End Used Description
0x00053976 0x00053977 HUD Beating Heart Fill Colour (Red)
0x0005399E 0x0005399F HUD Beating Heart Fill Colour (Green)
0x000539B6 0x000539B7 HUD Beating Heart Fill Colour (Blue)
0x00053A12 0x00053A13 HUD Beating Heart Outline (Red)
0x00053A3E 0x00053A3F HUD Beating Heart Outline (Green)
0x00053A5A 0x00053A5B HUD Beating Heart Outline (Blue)
0x0005383E 0x0005383F HUD Static Heart Fill (Red)
0x00053892 0x00053893 HUD Static Heart (Green)
HUD Static Heart (Blue)
0x00054912 0x00054913 HUD Hearts Per Line to Display

Navi Colors

Structure Format:

/* 0x00 */ u8 r, g, b, a; //RGBA color for Navi, icon that appears over Z-Targetable actors, Z-Target Triangles
/* 0x04 */ u8 r, g, b, a; //RGBA (not sure about A) color for the "glow" around Navi

Note colors appear to correspond to actor type.

Start End Used Actor Color
0x000D7174 0x000D717C Switches Green
0x000D717C 0x000D7184 Prop (1) Green
0x000D7184 0x000D718C Player/Default White
0x000D718C 0x000D7194 Bombs/Bombchus/Bomb Flowers Green
0x000D7194 0x000D719C Friendly NPC Blue
0x000D719C 0x000D71A4 Enemy Yellow
0x000D71A4 0x000D71AC Prop Green
0x000D71AC 0x000D71B4 Item/Action Green
0x000D71B4 0x000D71BC Misc Green
0x000D71BC 0x000D71C4 Boss Yellow
0x000D71C4 0x000D71CC Door Green
0x000D71CC 0x000D71D4 Chests Green
0x000D71D4 0x000D71DC  ? Green

Item Refills

Start End Used Description
0x000E64C8 0x000E64C9 Bomb Refill Value (5)
0x000E64CA 0x000E64CB Bomb Refill Value (10)
0x000E64CC 0x000E64CD Bomb Refill Value (20)
0x000E64CE 0x000E64CF Bomb Refill Value (30)
0x000E64D0 0x000E64D1 Arrow Refill Value (5)
0x000E64D2 0x000E64D3 Arrow Refill Value (10)
0x000E64D4 0x000E64D5 Arrow Refill Value (30)
(?) Refill Value (0)
(?) Refill Value (5)
(?) Refill Value (20)
0x000E64DC 0x000E64DD Rupee Refill Value - Green (1)
0x000E64DE 0x000E64DF Rupee Refill Value - Blue (5)
0x000E64E0 0x000E64E1 Rupee Refill Value - Red (20)
0x000E64E2 0x000E64E3 Rupee Refill Value - Purple (50)
0x000E64E4 0x000E64E5 Rupee Refill Value - Orange (200)

Tunic Colours

Start End Used Description
0x000E6A38 0x000E6A3B Kokiri Tunic Colour
0x000E6A3B 0x000E6A3E Goron Tunic Colour
0x000E6A3E 0x000E6A41 Zora Tunic Colour

Gauntlet Colours

Start End Used Description
0x000E6A44 0x000E6A47 Silver Gauntlets Colour
0x000E6A47 0x000E6A4A Golden Gauntlets Colour

Message IDs

Start End Used Description
0x000F98AC 0x000FAEB8 Message ID 0000+
0x000FAEB8 0x000FB5B8 Message ID 1000+
0x000FB5B8 0x000FBA50 Message ID 2000+
0x000FBA50 0x000FBDE0 Message ID 3000+
0x000FBDE0 0x000FC380 Message ID 4000+
0x000FC380 0x000FC800 Message ID 5000+
0x000FC800 0x000FCC38 Message ID 6000+
0x000FCC38 0x000FD9D0 Message ID 7000+

Item Upgrades

Start End Used Description
0x000E7C2C 0x000E7C34 Quivers (0, 30, 40, 50)
0x000E7C34 0x000E7C3C Bomb Bags (0, 20, 30, 40)
0x000E7C3C 0x000E7C44 Bracelets & Gauntlets (0, 0, 0, 0)
0x000E7C44 0x000E7C4C Scales (0, 0, 0, 0)
0x000E7C4C 0x000E7C54 Wallets (99, 200, 500, 500)
0x000E7C54 0x000E7C5C Deku Seeds (0, 30, 40, 50)
0x000E7C5C 0x000E7C64 Deku Sticks (0, 10, 20, 30)
0x000E7C64 0x000E7C6C Deku Nuts (0, 20, 30, 40)

  • As not all of Link's equipment upgrades increase his carrying capacity for various items, blank space is used to ensure that the upgrade values align with the order of the equipment.
  • As you can only get a maximum of 500 rupees in the game, the final wallet upgrade isn't used.
VROM VRAM Size Identification
Start End Start End
D71E0 D71E8 800E8280 800E8288 8
D7470 D7488 800E8510 800E8528 18
E64A0 E64C8 800F7540 800F7568 28
E69C8 E69D8 800F7A68 800F7A78 10
E69D8 E69E8 800F7A78 800F7A88 10
E6CB0 E6CE0 800F7D50 800F7D80 30
E6CE0 E6D10 800F7D80 800F7DB0 30
E6D10 E6D40 800F7DB0 800F7DE0 30
E6D40 E6D70 800F7DE0 800F7E10 30
E6D70 E6DA0 800F7E10 800F7E40 30
E6DA0 E6DD0 800F7E40 800F7E70 30
E6DD0 E6E00 800F7E70 800F7EA0 30
E6E00 E6E30 800F7EA0 800F7ED0 30
E6E30 E6E60 800F7ED0 800F7F00 30
E6E60 E6E90 800F7F00 800F7F30 30
E6E90 E6EC0 800F7F30 800F7F60 30
E6EC0 E6EF0 800F7F60 800F7F90 30
E6EF0 E6F20 800F7F90 800F7FC0 30
E6F20 E6F50 800F7FC0 800F7FF0 30
E6F50 E6F80 800F7FF0 800F8020 30
E6F80 E6FB0 800F8020 800F8050 30
E6FB0 E6FE0 800F8050 800F8080 30
E6FE0 E7010 800F8080 800F80B0 30
E7010 E7040 800F80B0 800F80E0 30
E7040 E7070 800F80E0 800F8110 30
E7070 E70A0 800F8110 800F8140 30
E70A0 E70D0 800F8140 800F8170 30
E70D0 E7100 800F8170 800F81A0 30
E7100 E7130 800F81A0 800F81D0 30
E7130 E7160 800F81D0 800F8200 30
E7160 E7190 800F8200 800F8230 30
E7190 E71C0 800F8230 800F8260 30
E71C0 E71F0 800F8260 800F8290 30
E71F0 E7220 800F8290 800F82C0 30
E7220 E7250 800F82C0 800F82F0 30
E7250 E7280 800F82F0 800F8320 30
E7280 E72B0 800F8320 800F8350 30
E72B0 E72E0 800F8350 800F8380 30
E72E0 E7310 800F8380 800F83B0 30
E7310 E7340 800F83B0 800F83E0 30
E7340 E7370 800F83E0 800F8410 30
E7370 E73A0 800F8410 800F8440 30
E73A0 E73D0 800F8440 800F8470 30
E73D0 E7400 800F8470 800F84A0 30
E7400 E7430 800F84A0 800F84D0 30
E7430 E7460 800F84D0 800F8500 30
E7460 E7490 800F8500 800F8530 30
E7490 E74C0 800F8530 800F8560 30
E74C0 E74F0 800F8560 800F8590 30
E74F0 E7520 800F8590 800F85C0 30
E7520 E7550 800F85C0 800F85F0 30
E7550 E7580 800F85F0 800F8620 30
E7580 E75B0 800F8620 800F8650 30
E75B0 E75E0 800F8650 800F8680 30
E75E0 E7610 800F8680 800F86B0 30
E7610 E7640 800F86B0 800F86E0 30
E7640 E7670 800F86E0 800F8710 30
E7670 E76A0 800F8710 800F8740 30
E76A0 E76D0 800F8740 800F8770 30
E76D0 E7700 800F8770 800F87A0 30
E7700 E7730 800F87A0 800F87D0 30
E7730 E7760 800F87D0 800F8800 30
E7760 E7790 800F8800 800F8830 30
E7790 E77C0 800F8830 800F8860 30
E77C0 E77F0 800F8860 800F8890 30
E77F0 E7820 800F8890 800F88C0 30
E7820 E7850 800F88C0 800F88F0 30
E7850 E7880 800F88F0 800F8920 30
E7880 E78B0 800F8920 800F8950 30
E78B0 E78E0 800F8950 800F8980 30
E78E0 E7910 800F8980 800F89B0 30
E7910 E7940 800F89B0 800F89E0 30
E7940 E7970 800F89E0 800F8A10 30
E7970 E79A0 800F8A10 800F8A40 30
E79A0 E79D0 800F8A40 800F8A70 30
E79D0 E7A00 800F8A70 800F8AA0 30
E7A00 E7A60 800F8AA0 800F8B00 60
E7A60 E7A90 800F8B00 800F8B30 30
E7A90 E7AC8 800F8B30 800F8B68 38
E7AC8 E7AD0 800F8B68 800F8B70 8
E7AE0 E7B40 800F8B80 800F8BE0 60
EAC28 EAC78 800FBCC8 800FBD18 50
EB100 EB128 800FC1A0 800FC1C8 28
EB128 EB140 800FC1C8 800FC1E0 18
EB140 EB158 800FC1E0 800FC1F8 18
EB160 EB188 800FC200 800FC228 28
EB4B0 EB500 800FC550 800FC5A0 50
EB500 EB530 800FC5A0 800FC5D0 30
EB530 EB560 800FC5D0 800FC600 30
EBF90 EC088 800FD030 800FD128 F8
EC088 EC098 800FD128 800FD138 10
EC098 EC0A8 800FD138 800FD148 10
ED2C8 ED398 800FE368 800FE438 D0
ED3A0 ED3C8 800FE440 800FE468 28

Offset Tables

Start End Used Description
0x000D6620 0x000D6630
0x000D66C0 0x000D66D0
0x000D6970 0x000D6978
0x000D6A54 0x000D6A54
0x000D6A68 0x000D6A78
0x000D6A7C 0x000D6A8C
0x000D6A90 0x000D6AA0
0x000D6BA8 0x000D6BF0
0x000D6FB0 0x000D7150
0x000 0x000
0x000DC8F4 0x000DDFE0
0x000 0x000
0x000DDFE4 0x000DE0FC
0x000 0x000
0x000DE9F8 0x000DEA40
0x000DEA5C 0x000DEAB4
0x000DEABC 0x000DEAC4
0x000DEB08 0x000DEB20
0x000 0x000
0x000E6238 0x000E62A8
0x000E7B40 0x000E7B50
0x000E7ED0 0x000E7F38
0x000EAC78 0x000EAD4C
0x000EAE04 0x000EAE1C
0x000EB0C0 0x000EB0F0
0x000EB4A0 0x000EB4B0
0x000 0x000
0x000EDD90 0x000EDD98
0x000EDDD0 0x000EDE78
0x000EE280 0x000EE2E0
0x000EF300 0x000EF324
0x000F0740 0x000F0744
0x000F1A9C 0x000F1AA0
0x000F1AB0 0x000F1AB4
0x000F329C 0x000F32B8
0x000F32C8 0x000F32E4
0x000F4CC0 0x000F4D78
0x000F4DC8 0x000F4E30
0x000F4E48 0x000F4F64
0x000F4F88 0x000F4F9C
0x000F5460 0x000F562C
0x000F5648 0x000F5940
0x000F5D48 0x000F5D78
0x000F5E7C 0x000F5E94
0x000F5EC8 0x000F5F28
0x000F5F2C 0x000F5FA8
0x000F60B8 0x000F61D4
0x000F6240 0x000F6850
0x000F6880 0x000F6924
0x000F6A00 0x000F6A58
0x000F6A88 0x000F72CC
0x000F7310 0x000F784C
0x000F78E0 0x000F7960
0x000F7A40 0x000F7AB0
0x000F7AD0 0x000F7B9C
0x000F7C48 0x000F7CD0
0x000F86DC 0x000F8750
0x000F8798 0x000F87C0
0x000F87D0 0x000F8FA0
0x000F8FC8 0x000F9020
0x000F9070 0x000F9110
0x000F9140 0x000F9154
0x000F96B4 0x000F9784
0x00101D94 0x00101DA0
0x00102220 0x001026A0


VROM VRAM Size Type WxH Image Identification
Start End Start End
EB790 EBF90 800FC830 800FD030 800 i8 32x64 OoTJ-Code 0xEB790.png
EC0A8 EC4A8 800FD148 800FD548 400 i8 16x64 OoTJ-Code 0xEC0A8.png
EC4A8 EC8A8 800FD548 800FD948 400 i8 16x64 OoTJ-Code 0xEC4A8.png
EC8A8 ECCA8 800FD948 800FDD48 400 i8 16x64 OoTJ-Code 0xEC8A8.png
ECCA8 ED0A8 800FDD48 800FE148 400 i8 16x64 OoTJ-Code 0xECCA8.png
VROM VRAM Size Type WxH Image Identification
Start End Start End
EDE80 EDEC0 800FEF20 800FEF60 40 ci4 16x8 OoTJ-Code 0xEDE80.png
EDEC0 EDF00 800FEF60 800FEFA0 40 ci4 16x8 OoTJ-Code 0xEDEC0.png
EDF00 EDF40 800FEFA0 800FEFE0 40 ci4 16x8 OoTJ-Code 0xEDF00.png
EDF40 EDF80 800FEFE0 800FF020 40 ci4 16x8 OoTJ-Code 0xEDF40.png
EDF80 EDFC0 800FF020 800FF060 40 ci4 16x8 OoTJ-Code 0xEDF80.png
EDFC0 EE000 800FF060 800FF0A0 40 ci4 16x8 OoTJ-Code 0xEDFC0.png
EE000 EE040 800FF0A0 800FF0E0 40 ci4 16x8 OoTJ-Code 0xEDE80.png
EE040 EE080 800FF0E0 800FF120 40 ci4 16x8 OoTJ-Code 0xEE040.png
EE080 EE0C0 800FF120 800FF160 40 ci4 16x8 OoTJ-Code 0xEE080.png
EE0C0 EE100 800FF160 800FF1A0 40 ci4 16x8 OoTJ-Code 0xEE0C0.png
EE100 EE140 800FF1A0 800FF1E0 40 ci4 16x8 OoTJ-Code 0xEE100.png
EE140 EE180 800FF1E0 800FF220 40 ci4 16x8 OoTJ-Code 0xEE140.png
EE180 EE1C0 800FF220 800FF260 40 ci4 16x8 OoTJ-Code 0xEE180.png
EE1C0 EE200 800FF260 800FF2A0 40 ci4 16x8 OoTJ-Code 0xEE1C0.png
EE200 EE240 800FF2A0 800FF2E0 40 ci4 16x8 OoTJ-Code 0xEE200.png
EE240 EE280 800FF2E0 800FF320 40 ci4 16x8 OoTJ-Code 0xEE240.png


Start End Text
0x000F43C0 0x000F4400
$Id: sprintf.c,v 1.5 1997/03/19 02:28:53 hayakawa Exp $
0x000F5000 0x000F5014
0x000F5014 0x000F5028
0x000F5028 0x000F503C
0x000F503C 0x000F5050
0x000F5050 0x000F5064
0x000F5064 0x000F5078
0x000F5078 0x000F508C
0x000F508C 0x000F50A0
0x000F50A0 0x000F50B4
0x000F50B4 0x000F50C8
0x000F50C8 0x000F50DC
0x000F50DC 0x000F50F0
0x000F50F0 0x000F5104
0x000F5104 0x000F5118
0x000F5118 0x000F5128
0x000F5128 0x000F5138
0x000F5138 0x000F5148
0x000F5148 0x000F5158
0x000F5158 0x000F5168
0x000F5168 0x000F5178
0x000F5178 0x000F5188
0x000F5188 0x000F5198
0x000F5198 0x000F51A8
0x000F51A8 0x000F51B8
0x000F51B8 0x000F51C8
0x000F51C8 0x000F51D8
0x000F51D8 0x000F51E8
0x000F51E8 0x000F51F8
0x000F51F8 0x000F5208
0x000F5208 0x000F5218
0x000F5218 0x000F5228
0x000F5228 0x000F5238
0x000F5238 0x000F5248
0x000F5248 0x000F5258
0x000F5258 0x000F5268
0x000F5268 0x000F5278
0x000F5278 0x000F5288
0x000F5288 0x000F5298
0x000F5298 0x000F52A8
0x000F52A8 0x000F52B8
0x000F52B8 0x000F52C8
0x000F52C8 0x000F52D8
0x000F52D8 0x000F52E8
0x000F52E8 0x000F52F8
0x000F52F8 0x000F5308
0x000F5308 0x000F5318
0x000F5318 0x000F5328
0x000F5328 0x000F5338
0x000F5338 0x000F5348
0x000F5348 0x000F5358
0x000F5358 0x000F5368
0x000F5368 0x000F5378
0x000F5378 0x000F537C
0x000F537C 0x000F5380
0x000F5390 0x000F53A8
0x000F53A8 0x000F53BC
ACTOR NAME %08x:%s
0x000F53BC 0x000F53D0
0x000F5940 0x000F5954
actor_dlftbls %u
0x000F5954 0x000F5959
0x000F5959 0x000F596B
0x000F7970 0x000F7978
../z_room.c ../z_room.c
0x000F7C00 0x000F7C10
0x000F7C10 0x000F7C20
0x000F7C30 0x000F7C48
../z_play.c 来た!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
../game.c   ../game.c
0x000F7D00 0x000F7D14
0x000F7D14 0x000F7D24
Oh! MY GOD!!
0x000F7D24 0x000F7D30
0x000F7D30 0x000F7D3C
0x000F7D3C 0x000F7D48
0x000F7D50 0x000F7D58
0x000F7D58 0x000F7D60
0x000F7D60 0x000F7D68
0x000F7D68 0x000F7D70
0x000F7D70 0x000F7D78
0x000F7D80 0x000F7D90
0x000F7D90 0x000F7DA0
0x000F7E80 0x000F8798

0x000F9120 0x000F9140
0x000F9160 0x000F92B0

0x000F92B0 0x000F9620

0x000103658 0x0001036A0
RSP Gfx ucode F3DZEX.NoN  fifo 2.06H Yoshitaka Yasumoto 1998 Nintendo.
0x000103A88 0x000103AC0
RSP Gfx[Safe] S2DEX       fifo 2.05  Yoshitaka Yasumoto 1998 Nintendo.