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These codes modify some colors in the game. Link's Tunic one seems to interfere with some other characters. Following two codes by SubDrag.

Link's Tunic OoT v1.0 (U)

801DAB6C 00??

Navi's Color OoT v1.0 (U)

811E2154 43??
811E2158 43??
811E215B 43??


00 Kokiri [Darker]
01 Goron [Darker]
02 Zora [Darker]
03 Black
04 White-ish Blue
05 Yellow-ish Green
06 Black
07 Kokiri [Darker]
08 Navy Blue
09 Goron [Darker]
0A Green [Pale]
0B Sky Blue
0C Black
0D Black
0E Black
0F Black
10 Green [Pale]
11 Black
12 Black
13 Black
14 Neon-ish Purple
15 Black
16 Black
17 Black
18 Green [Pale]
19 Sea Green [Darker]
1A Grape Purple
1B Blue [Lighter]
1C Grey [Darker]
1D Orange
1E Neon-ish Purple
1F Pink [Lighter]
20 Green [Lighter]
21 Sea Green [Darker]
22 Black
23 Black
24 Yellow-ish Green
25 Black
26 Black
27 Black
28 Green [Lighter]
29 Blue [Lighter]
2A Black
2B Black
2C Green [Pale]
2D Teal [Lighter]
2E Navy Blue
2F Goron
30 Green [Pale]
31 Blue [Lighter]
32 Blue
33 Goron
34 Black
35 Blue [Lighter]
36 Black
37 Black
38 Black
39 Blue [Darker]
3A Blue [Lighter]
3B Goron
3C Black
3D Teal [Lighter]
3E Navy Blue
3F Goron [Lighter]
40 Greenish Yellow
41 Teal [Lighter]
42 Black
43 Black
44 Pale Green [Darker]
45 Green [Lighter]
46 Black
47 Black
48 Black
49 Blue [Darker]
4A Navy Blue
4B Green [Darker]
4C Sky Blue
4D Black
4E Navy Blue
4F Dark Green [Darker]
50 Blue
51 Goron
52 Purple [Pale]
53 Yellow-ish Green
54 Teal [Lighter]
55 Green [Lighter]
56 Teal [Lighter]
57 Teal [Lighter]
58 Teal [Darker]
59 Purple [Lighter]
5A Black
5B Green [Lighter]
5C Purple [Lighter]
5D White-ish Blue
5E Yellow-ish Green
5F Green [Lighter]
60 Green [Darker]
61 Blue [Lighter]
62 Dark Purple
63 Goron [Darker]
64 Blue [Darker]
65 Black
66 Blue [Darker]
67 Red [Lighter]
68 Black
69 Black
6A Green [Lighter]
6B Green [Darker]
6C Green [Darker]
6D Black
6E Blue [Darker]
6F Lime Green
70 Pink
71 Green
72 Navy Blue
73 Orange-ish Yellow
74 Pink
75 Green
76 Blue
77 Greenish Yellow
78 Light Purple
79 Green
7A Navy Blue
7B Orange-ish Yellow
7C Light Purple
7D Green
7F Red
80 Navy Blue
81 Red
82 Maroon Red
83 Teal
84 Blue
85 Black
86 Brown
87 Blue
88 Blue [Lighter]
89 Maroon Red
8A Lime Green
8B Blue
8C Navy Blue
8D Red [Lighter]
8E Lime Green
8F Greenish Teal
90 Navy Blue
91 Red
92 Lime Green
93 Teal [Different Tint]
94 Blue [Darker]
95 Red [Lighter]
96 Green [Darker]
97 Teal [Darker]
98 Blue
99 Maroon Red [Lighter]
9A Lime Green
9B Blue [Darker]
9C Navy Blue
9D Red [Lighter]
9E Green [Darker]
9F Sky Blue
A0 Black
A1 Red [Lighter]
A2 Green [Lighter/Darker]
A3 Teal [Darker]
A4 Navy Blue
A5 Goron
A6 Green
A7 Blue [Darker]
A8 Navy Blue [Lighter]
A9 Goron [Darker]
AA Goron [Darker]
AB Teal [Darker]
AC Navy Blue
AD Red [Lighter]
AE Dark Yellow
AF Sky Blue
B0 Blue [Darker]
B1 Black
B2 Black
B3 Green
B4 Black
B5 Black
B6 Dark Yellow
B7 Blue [Darker]
B8 Blue [Darker]
B9 Red [Darker]
BA Black
BB Green [Pale]
BC Blue [Darker]
BD Green [Darker]
BE Pale Green
BF Sky Blue
C0 Purple
C1 Kokiri
C2 Pale Green
C3 Sky Blue [Darker]
C4 Purple [Lighter]
C5 Orange-ish Yellow
C6 Pale Green
C7 Sky Blue
C8 Purple
C9 Kokiri
CA Purple [Lighter]
CB Sky Blue
CC Purple
CD Kokiri [Lighter]
CE Grey
CF Sea Blue
D0 Purple
D1 Orange-ish Yellow
D2 Pale Green
D3 Green [Darker]
D4 Purple
D5 Green [Darker]
D6 Pale Green [Lighter]
D7 Sea Green
D8 Purple
D9 Goron
DA Blue [Lighter]
DB White-ish Blue
DC Black
DD Green [Lighter]
DE Black
DF Black
E0 White-ish Blue
E1 Red
E2 Blue
E3 Black
E4 Black
E5 Black
E6 Black
E7 Black
E8 Black
E9 Black
EA Black
EB Black
EC Black
ED Black
EE Black
EF Black
F0 Black
F1 Black
F2 Black
F3 Black
F4 Black
F5 Black
F6 Black
F7 Black
F8 Black
F9 Black
FA Maroon Red [Darker]
FB Navy Blue [Darker]
FC Dark Green [Darker]
FD Black
FE Maroon Red
FF Dark Green [Lighter]