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The ZAR format (Zelda Archive) is an archive format used in OoT 3D.


This section documents the structure of the file format.


Offset Type Description
0000 char[4] Magic ("ZAR\1")
0004 u32 Size of archive
0008 u16 #types
000A u16 #files
000C u32 Offset to filetypes section
0010 u32 Offset to file-metadata section
0014 u32 Offset to data section
0018 char[8] "queen"

Filetypes section

Consists of a number of filetype entries. Each filetype is associated with a number of compressed files. Contains a table of 16-byte entries as detailed below, one entry for each of the [#types] filetypes (see main header).

Offset Type Description
0000 u32 #files
0004 u32 Offset to files list
0008 u32 Offset to type name
000C u32 Unknown (always -1?)

At [offset to files list] is a list of [#files] u32's, each corresponding to a file index (0 refers to the first file, etc). These lists and the type names are stored immediately afterwards within the section.

The number of filetypes vary between 2 and 8 in known files, and "unknown" is always the first type (even if it contains no files). Known filetype names are "anb", "ccb", "cmab", "cmb", "csab", "ctxb", "faceb", "qdb", "tbd", "unknown", "zsi". The only archive containing an "unknown" file is actor/zelda_magic_wind.zar, which contains Anim/new_magic_wind.cskla.

File metadata section

Consists of one entry for each file in the archive ([#files] in the main header).

Offset Type Description
0000 u32 File size
0004 u32 Offset to filename

The filenames are stored immediately afterwards within the section.

Data section

Consists of one u32 for each file in the archive, representing the offset to the file's data. The length of the file's data is taken from the metadata section above.

The offsets are immediately followed by the actual data, within the section.