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The QM format (Queen Messages) holds in-game dialogue in OoT 3D. There exists one file of this format in the ROM filesystem, although its exact location and content depends on the region.

  • EU: message/eu/eu.qm
  • US: message/us/us.qm
  • JP: message/jp/jp.qm


This section documents the structure of the file format.


Offset Type Description
0000 char[4] Magic ("QM\0\0")
0004 u32 Unknown (always 4?)
0008 u32 #Entries
000C u32 Unknown (always 0?)


Contains [#Entries] rows (see header).

Offset Type Description
0000 u32 ID
0004 u32 Unknown (always 0?)
0008 u32 Unknown
000A u32 Unknown
0010 (u32,u32) Offset & length of Japanese (J)
0018 (u32,u32) Offset & length of English (U)
0020 (u32,u32) Offset & length of English (E)
0028 (u32,u32) Offset & length of German (E)
0030 (u32,u32) Offset & length of French (E)
0038 (u32,u32) Offset & length of French (U)
0040 (u32,u32) Offset & length of Spanish (E)
0048 (u32,u32) Offset & length of Spanish (U)
0050 (u32,u32) Offset & length of Italian (E)
0058 (u32,u32) Offset & length of Dutch (E)

Only localization relevant for the region is included in each file; all other fields are nulled out instead. An exception to this is Dutch, which is nulled out in all regions.

At [offset] is a [length] byte long string containing one dialogue entry. The string uses text control codes to control the content and formatting of the text, e.g. by changing colour or including icons in the dialogue.

The data follows immediately after the table, up to end-of-file.

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