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The QBF format (Queen Bitmap Font?) is an image resource format containing information about how to render different characters. This is the format used for fonts in OoT 3D.


This section documents the structure of the file format.


Offset Type Description
0000 char[4] Magic ("QBF1")
0004 u16 #characters
0006 u16 Unknown (~#characters)
0008 u32 Unknown
000C u8 Bits per pixel (4 or 8)
000D u8 Glyph width
000E u8 Glyph height
000F u8 Unknown (always 4?)

Character metadata

Contains [#characters] rows (see header).

Offset Type Description
0000 u16 Character
0002 u16 Glyph ID
0004 u8 Unknown
0005 u8 Unknown
0006 u16 Unknown (always 0?)

Each entry describes one character (specified by the [Character] field) associated with the corresponding bitmap (specified by the [Glyph ID] field). Glyph IDs are indices into the bitmap section.

Bitmap section

Contains one bitmap for each glyph. Each bitmap is [Glyph width]*[Glyph height]*[Bits per pixel]/8 bytes, regardless of the dimensions of the actual character. 4 bpp pixels are stored one nibble at a time, i.e. the higher nibble is leftmost. All pixel data is single-channel (greyscale or perhaps alpha).