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Somone want to add this info? I imagine the formatting of the page will need to change a little bit.

Also, table for MM U 1.0:

"Aroenai - 08/09/2017 Lol so found this last night, with some additional head scratching from @ozidual we finally have it figured out:

MM U 1.0 decompressed: Bottle-Catch Get Item Table 0xCD7C08 - 0xCD7C62 (0x8077AC28 - 0x8077AC82) Each entry is 6 bytes long, order seems to be: Object (2 bytes), Flag, Item Index, GI ID, Text ID

There is also a bug to fix: 0xCD7C44 - 023B FF 23 1D 6B -> 023B FF 23 1E 6B (the magic mushroom GI ID is wrong, that's why Link puts away the bottle after catching one)(edited)

ozidual - 08/09/2017 As an aside, the pickup function for everything else including shop purchases seems to be at 8077987C (MM J 1.0 not U). It was nice of them to create and break the one small side function for Bottle Catches :-)" Aroenai (talk) 00:47, 29 August 2017 (CEST)