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Notes for Playtendo's Kakariko Village Mod. Should to be formatted and integrated into the wiki.

02008000 - 02024150 kakariko scene
02024160 - 0202e040 kakariko map
01ed80 mayor's office entry
-need to rotate (and maybe change) doors.
-first actor rotation fixed 56 left :( (heishi (guards) need to change variable)
-skipped actor # 2,3,4,5,6,7 (kakariko specific actors)
- went through 17 actors
- changed object values to mm values (1,2,6,7,10,11 are still oot values)
- on 20th actor
- done 31 actors
- skipped 32nd actor
- 44 actors done
- skipped 45,49,55(need to find replacement shutter actor),56
- complete :D (mostly)
- actor 57 - change variable/disable
- changed actor 4,5 to other carpenter actors (daiku) need to mess with variables
015A actor for changing time
need to fix FD100000 command