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Link Actor
Action Parameters Table
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Each item in the game has an Action ID attached to it which determines the functionality of the item. This is a list of all the actions that are available. The entries are one byte each ordered by Item ID.

ID Action
0x00 Put Away Item
0x01 Unused? (Appears to pull out or use the item on the last clicked button?)
0x02 Fishing Rod
0x03 Kokiri Sword
0x04 Razor Sword
0x05 Gilded Sword
0x06 Great Fairy Sword
0x07 Deku Stick
0x08 Kafei's Attack
0x09 Bow
0x0A Fire Arrow
0x0B Ice Arrow
0x0C Light Arrow
0x0D Hookshot
0x0E Bomb
0x0F Powder Keg
0x10 Bombchu
0x11 Zora Link Boomerang
0x12 Deku Nut
0x13 Pictograph
0x14 Ocarina
0x15 Bottle
0x16 Fish
0x17 Water
0x18 Hot Spring Water
0x19 Zora Egg
0x1A Deku Princess
0x1B Gold Dust
0x1D Seahorse
0x1E Magic Mushroom
0x1F Hylian Loach
0x20 Bug
0x21 Poe
0x22 Big Poe
0x23 Red Potion
0x24 Blue Potion
0x25 Green Potion
0x26 Milk
0x27 Milk (Half)
0x28 Chateau Romani
0x29 Fairy
0x2A Moon's Tear
0x2B Land Title Deed
0x2C Stock Pot Inn Room Key
0x2D Letter to Kafei
0x2E Magic Bean
0x2F Swamp Title Deed
0x30 Mountain Title Deed
0x31 Ocean Title Deed
0x32 Moon's Tear
0x33 Letter to Mama
0x34 Poacher's Saw?
0x35 Broken Goron's Sword?
0x36 Pendant of Memories
0x37 Eyeball Frog?
0x38 Eye Drops?
0x39 Pendant of Memories?
0x3A Mask of Truth
0x3B Kafei's Mask
0x3C All-Night Mask
0x3D Bunny Hood
0x3E Keaton Mask
0x3F Garo's Mask
0x40 Romani's Mask
0x41 Circus Leader's Mask
0x42 Postman's Hat
0x43 Couple's Mask
0x44 Great Fairy's Mask
0x45 Gibdo Mask
0x46 Don Gero's Mask
0x47 Kamaro's Mask
0x48 Captain's Hat
0x49 Stone Mask
0x4A Bremen Mask
0x4B Blast Mask
0x4C Mask of Scents
0x4D Giant's Mask
0x4E Fierce Deity's Mask
0x4F Goron Mask
0x50 Zora Mask
0x51 Deku Mask
0x52 Lens of Truth