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Ban Me

Hey, bud, I have a few more favors to ask. Can you ban me from cloudmodding's wiki and main site. Also have me banned from badnik and have my nick unregistered. Thanks, my friend. --Chpexo (talk) 02:24, 27 November 2015 (CET)

I asked for my damn account to be deleted. Why is it still here?

The wiki we're working on constantly is going to run this place into the ground with how incredibly informative it is, and the fact that we actually try to teach through relational properties for noobs. That's right, not only do we have data archives for various games, but we're also doing Zelda work. Mark your calendars for the first of Feb. Also, it's not like what I posted any fallacies on that MIPS page. At least she can still read what I posted on there to further expand her knowledge. Also, you guys taking all this content form z64 is plain wrong now that spinout has returned. Good thing we're incredibly kind to all others who come around our IRC other than you terrible people. We've got quite a few new members who we're teaching how to hack. Your channel is cancer, and all oldbies other than the few members there think the same, and other than xdan, but whatever. delete my account plz