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Mapped out by MNGoldenEagle

Id Description
00 No skybox (no files appear to be loaded for one?)
01 Standard sky, affected by cloudy state
02 Hylian Bazaar
03 Brownish, cloudy, no skybox rotation (or is environment color sometimes?)
04 Market Ruins (Crashes sometimes?)
05 Black night, cloudy, skybox rotates quickly, offset so it doesn't depend on having a ground plane (or is environment color sometimes?)
06 Glitched/Unused
07 Link's House
08 Glitched/Unused
09 Market (Main square, Day)
0A Market (Main square, Night)
0B Happy Mask Shop; two sides of the skybox contain corrupt textures
0C Know-It-All Brothers' House (crashes sometimes?)
0D Glitched/Unused
0E Kokiri Twins' House; all sides except back are visible, which is typical
0F Stable (Crashes sometimes? no pun intended)
10 Stew Lady's House (Crashes sometimes?)
11 Kokiri Shop
12 Glitched/Unused
13 Goron Shop
14 Zora Shop
15 Glitched/Unused
16 Kakariko Potions Shop
17 Hylian Potions Shop
18 Bomb Shop
19 Glitched/Unused
1A Dog Lady's House
1B Impa's House
1C Gerudo Tent
1D Environment color
1E Glitched/Unused
1F Glitched/Unused
20 Mido's House
21 Saria's House
22 Dog Guy's House
23+ Glitched/Unused