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parameter_static store the textures used for the HUD icons.


Offset Texture Name Size Format Texture
0000 Empty Heart (Opaque) 16x16 ia8
0100 1/4 Heart (Opaque) 16x16 ia8
0200 2/4 Heart (Opaque) 16x16 ia8
0300 3/4 Heart (Opaque) 16x16 ia8
0400 Full Heart (Opaque) 16x16 ia8
0500 Empty Heart (Transparent) 16x16 ia8
0600 1/4 Heart (Transparent) 16x16 ia8
0700 2/4 Heart (Transparent) 16x16 ia8
0800 3/4 Heart (Transparent) 16x16 ia8
0900 Full Heart (Transparent) 16x16 ia8
0A00 Button 32x32 ia8
0E00 Item Selection Box 32x32 ia8
1200 Left-Pointing Arrow 32x32 ia8
1600 Down-Pointing Arrow 32x32 ia8
1A00 Right-Pointing Arrow 32x32 ia8
1E00 Small Key 16x16 ia8
1F00 Rupee 16x16 ia8
2000 Stopwatch 16x16 ia8
2100 Carrot 16x16 rgba32
2500 Dungeon Entrance Indicator 8x8 rgba16
2580 Chest Indicator 8x8 rgba16
2600 Arrow Target Icon 24x16 rgba16
2900 Skull Icon 8x8 ia8
2940 Ocarina A Button 16x16 ia8
2A40 Ocarina C-Down Button 16x16 ia8
2B40 Ocarina C-Right Button 16x16 ia8
2C40 Ocarina C-Left Button 16x16 ia8
2D40 Ocarina C-Up Button 16x16 ia8
2E40 Clef 16x32 i4
2F40 Navi Text (Japanese) 32x8 ia4
2FC0 Navi Text (English) 32x8 ia4
3040 Number 0 8x16 i8
30C0 Number 1 8x16 i8
3140 Number 2 8x16 i8
31C0 Number 3 8x16 i8
3240 Number 4 8x16 i8
32C0 Number 5 8x16 i8
3340 Number 6 8x16 i8
33C0 Number 7 8x16 i8
3440 Number 8 8x16 i8
34C0 Number 9 8x16 i8
3540 Colon (?) 8x16 i8
35C0 Small Number 0 8x8 ia8
3600 Small Number 1 8x8 ia8
3640 Small Number 2 8x8 ia8
3680 Small Number 3 8x8 ia8
36C0 Small Number 4 8x8 ia8
3700 Small Number 5 8x8 ia8
3740 Small Number 6 8x8 ia8
3780 Small Number 7 8x8 ia8
37C0 Small Number 8 8x8 ia8
3800 Small Number 9 8x8 ia8
3840 Small Number 1/2 16x8 ia8
38C0 Magic Meter End 8x16 ia8
3940 Magic Meter Body 24x16 ia8
3AC0 White Line (?) 8x8 ia8