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onepointdemos are a set of cutscenes which have a singular focal point. When pressing a switch for example, a onepointdemo is used to focus on the action of pressing that switch, while a second onepointdemo will focus on what changed due to that action, like a door unlocking within the room.

General Notes

z_onepointdemo.c Debug starts at code offset 0x5F130 (8007BF90)

z_onepointdemo.c NTSC 1.0 starts at offset 0x56BD0 (80067C70)

NTSC 1.0 Notes

onepointdemo NTSC is run at 8006B6FC
 a0 *ctxt	
 a1 Actor Cutscene ID	
 a2 Framecount (u16)	
 a3 *actor	
 sp 0x10 ??(u16)

Strange storage in the 800F0000 area, stored/read 147 times in NTSC 1.0
Some sort of camera queueing in game_play 
801C8680, 801C87EC
This is where cutscenes are temporarily stored, looks like.

	Lookup has 92 unique ID's
	a4 is SP+0x10, only found a single nonzero use of it (so far)

0x3E8: 8006B1A8 Link Looking Around (Tower Escape) (a2: 0x28)(a3: Zelda)(a4: none)
0x3F2: 80068F58 (Unused?)
0x3FC: 8006815C Dramatic Return to Link (a2: Varies)(a3: Actor)(a4: none)
	a2: 0x08 at Forest Temple Stalfos Elevator Lowers
	a2: 0x0F at Forest Temple Elevator Rise
	a2: 0x26 at Shadow Temple Falling Statue
	a2: 0x2A at Dodongo's Cavern Falling Stairs
0x406: 80068278 (Unused?)
0x44C: 8006AE64 Din's Fire Used (a2: 0xFF9B)(a3: none)(a4: none)
0x898: 80068A70 (Unused?)
0x8A2: 80068EB4 Bean Patch Song of Storms(a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Bean Patch)(a4: none)
0x8AC: 800688BC Deku Theater Mask Judging (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Deku Theater)(a4: none)
0x8B6: 80068944 (Deku Theater Judge?)
0x8D4: 800684A8 Lake Hylia Scarecrows (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Scarecrow)(a4: none)
0x8DE: 80068584 Pierre the Scarecrow Dances (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Pierre)(a4: none)
0x8E8: 80068720 (Bonooru the Scarecrow?)
0x8F2: 80068CCC Cucco Attack (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Cucco)(a4: none)
0x924: 800689B0 Deku Theater Using Mask of Truth (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Deku Theater Judge)(a4: none)
0x92E: 80068A38 Deku Theater Using Old or Disliked Mask (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Deku Theater)(a4: none)
0xBC2: (80108098) 8006926C Deku Tree Ladder Falling (a2: 0x32)(a3: Ladder)(a4: none)
0xBCC: (801080C0) 800691A8 Deku Tree Basement Web Burnt (a2: 0x28)(a3: Web)(a4: none)
0xBE0: (80108110) 80069158 Deku Tree Three Rising Platforms (a2: 0x1E)(a3: Platforms)(a4: none)
0xBEA: (80108138) 80069528 Dodongo's Cavern Falling Stairs (a2: 0x3E7)(a3: Stairs)(a4: none)
0xBF4: (80108160) 800694E4 Dodongo's Cavern Rising Platform (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Platform)(a4: none)
0xBF9: (80108174) 8006944C Dodongo's Cavern Eye Bombed Once (a2: 0x28)(a3: Cavern Jaw)(a4: none)
0xBFE: (80108188) 800692A8 Jabu Jabu's Belly Big Octorok Platform Kidnaps Ruto (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Big Octorok Platform)(a4: none)
0xC08: (801081B0) 80069330 Jabu Jabu's Belly Big Octorok Introduction (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Big Octorok)(a4: none)
0xC12: (801081D8) 80069364 Jabu Jabu's Belly Big Octorok Platform Rises (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Big Octorok Platform)(a4: none)
0xC1C: (80108200) 800693A8 Jabu Jabu's Belly Entrance Platform Lowers (a2: 0x0033)(a3: Platform)(a4: none)
0xC30: (80108250) 80069770 Water Temple Water Level Change (a2: 0xFF99)(a3: none)(a4: none)
0xC3A: (80108278) 800697E4 Water Temple Ruto Introduction (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Ruto)(a4: none)
0xC44: (801082A0) 80069830 Forest Temple Poe Introduction (a2: 0x3E7)(a3: none)(a4: none)
0xC4E: (801082C8) 800698AC Forest Temple Poe Blocks Fall (a2: 0x41)(a3: none)(a4: none)
0xC58: (801082F0) 80069A40 Forest Temple Poe Painting (a2: 0x23)(a3: Painting)(a4: none)
0xC62: (80108318) 8006994C Forest Temple Poe Blocks Solved (a2: 0x1E)(a3: Poe)(a4: none)
0xC6C: (80108340) 80069AE8 Forest Temple Final Poe Introduction (a2: 0x9C)(a3: Poe)(a4: none)
0xC76: (80108368) 80069BAC Forest Temple Poe Returning to Torch (a2: 0x3E7)(a3: Poe)(a4: none)

0xC94: (80107FF0) 80069E30 Forest Temple Stalfos Elevator Lowers (a2: 0x48)(a3: Elevator)(a4: none)
0xC9E: (80108018) 80069BE8 Forest Temple Elevator Rise (a2: 0x46)(a3: Elevator)(a4: none)
0xCA8: (80108040) 80069F20 Forest Temple Well Water Level Change (a2: 0x46)(a3: Water)(a4: none)
0xCBC: (80108090) 8006ACA8 Forest Temple Twisted Hallway Zoom In (a2: 0x28)(a3: Hallway)(a4: none)
0xCBD: (80108094) 8006ACF8 Forest Temple Twisted Hallway Zoom Out(a2: 0x28)(a3: Hallway)(a4: none)

0xCDA: (80107D6C) 8006A284 Fire Temple Fire Wall Chase Start (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Fire Wall)(a4: none)
0xCEE: (80107DBC) 8006A1F0 Fire Temple Stairs Lowered (a2: 0x64)(a3: Stairs)(a4: none)
0xD02: (80107E0C) 8006A588 Fire Temple Darunia Introduction (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Darunia)(a4: none)
0xD0C: (80107E34) 8006A37C Fire Temple Long Fire Wall Lowers (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Fire Wall)(a4: none)
0xD16: (80107E5C) 8006A4A0 Flame Circle Type 1 Activation (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Flame Circle)(a4: none)
0xD20: (80107E84) 8006A45C Flame Circle Type 3 Activation (a2: 0x3C)(a3: Flame Circle)(a4: none)
0xD34: (80107ED4) 8006944C Dodongo's Cavern Eye Bombed Twice (a2: 0xA0)(a3: Cavern Jaw)(a4: none)
0xD3E: (80107EFC) 8006A198 Shadow Temple Ship (a2: 0x3E7)(a3: Ship)(a4: none)
0xD48: (80107F24) 8006A08C Shadow Temple Falling Statue (a2: 0x3E7)(a3: Statue)(a4: none)
0xD52: (80107F4C) 8006A5CC Spirit Temple Light Blocking Rock Bombed (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Rock)(a4: none)
0xD66: (80107F9C) 8006A7AC Spirit Temple Chain Platform Lowers (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Platform)(a4: none)
0xD70: (80107FC4) 8006A6FC Spirit Temple Statue Face Crumbles (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Face)(a4: none)
0xD7A: (80107FEC) 8006A664 Spirit Temple Metal Grating Falls Over (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Grating)(a4: none)

0xFA0: (80107D10) 8006B28C Zelda Opening Gate (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Zelda)(a4: none)
0xFAA: (80107D38) 8006B2C0 Zelda Trapped During Escape (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Zelda)(a4: none)
0xFAB: (80107D3C) 8006B2F4 Zelda Rescued During Escape (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Zelda)(a4: none)
0xFB4: (80107D60) 8006B328 Lifting Giant Block in Ganon's Castle Lobby (a2: 0x10E)(a3: Block)(a4: none)
0xFB5: (80107D64) 8006B35C Lifting Giant Block in Fire Trial (a2: 0xDC)(a3: Block)(a4: none)
0xFB6: (80107D68) 8006B390 Lifting Giant Block Outside Ganon's Castle (a2: 0xD2)(a3: Block)(a4: none)

0x1004: (80107B28) 8006A844 Zora's River Waterfall (a2: FF9D)(a3: none)(a4: none)
0x100E: (80107B50) 8006A89C Frog Ocarina Game (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Frogs)(a4: none)
0x1018: (80107B78) 8006A8E0 Lake Hylia Water Temple Gate Unlocked (a2: 0xAA)(a3: Gate Switch)(a4: none)
0x102C: (80107BC8) 8006A92C Lost Woods Slingshot Target (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Slingshot Target)(a4: none)
0x1036: (80107BF0) 8006A96C Colossus Oasis Filled (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Oasis)(a4: none)
0x1040: (80107C18) 8006A9BC Haunted Wasteland Entrance Gate (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Gate)(a4: none)
0x104A: (80107C40) 8006AA0C Gerudo Training Ground Entrance Gate (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Gate)(a4: none)
0x104F: (80107C54) 80069084 Talon Runs Off (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Talon)(a4: none)
0x1054: (80107C68) 800690B8 Dodongo's Cavern Rock (a2: 0x32)(a3: none)(a4: none)
0x105E: (80107C90) 8006AA5C (Cutscene Goron? Biggoron?)
0x1068: (80107CB8) 8006AAAC Biggoron Stands Up (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Biggoron)(a4: none)
0x1072: (80107CE0) 8006AAFC Goron City Pot Bomb Received (a2: 0xF0)(a3: Pot)(a4: none)
0x107C: (80107D08) 8006AB98 Goron City Pot Torches Lit (a2: 0x50)(a3: Pot)(a4: none)
0x107D: (80107D0C) 8006AC64 Goron City Both Doors Open (a2: 0x8C)(a3: Door)(a4: none)

0x1194: 80068DE0 Falling Chest (a2: 0x270F)(a3: Chest)(a4: none)
0x119E: 80068D64 Water Temple Flat Gate (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Gate)(a4: none)
0x1388: 80068330 (Deku Theater Judge?)
0x1392: 80068438 (lots of stuff uses this, even Link... Link's actor is generally at 801DAA30 on NTSC 1.0)	
	Generic Triggered Event (a2: 0x1E)(a3: target)(a4: none)
	Dramatic Treasure Chest Spawn (a2: 0x64)(a3: Chest)(a4: none)
	Time Block Toggle (a2: 0x64)(a3: Time Block)(a4: none)
	Link looking around confusedly (low action shot) (a2: 0x1E)(a3: Link )(a4: 0x01)
	  a4 0x00 has alternate behavior (behind his back)
0x13F6: 8006B584 (Link?)(Quick actor focus that returns to link speedily, could be useful)
0x1400: 80068D24 Eye Switch Ice Melt (a2: 0x28)(a3: Ice)(a4: none)
0x1771: 80069F70 Coffin Opening (a2: 0x3E7)(a3: Coffin Lid)(a4: none)
0x177A: 80069D70 Forest Temple Gate Opening (a2: 0x14)(a3: Gate)(a4: none)
0x1F42: 8006AD7C Shooting Gallery Results Display (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Shooting Gallery)(a4: none)
0x1F4A: 8006AD48 Bombchu Bowling Prize Reveal (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: none)(a4: none)
0x219B: 8006B224 Great Fairy Healing (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: none)(a4: none)
0x219C: 8006B258 (Great Fairy?)
0x21FC: 8006ADB0 Kaepora Gaebora Owl Talks (a2: Varies)(a3: Owl)(a4: none)
	a2: 0xFF9E at Kokiri Forest, Colossus
	a2: 0xFF9D at Hyrule Castle, Kakariko
0x251C: 80068474 Grabbed by Wallmaster (a2: 0x270F)(a3: Wallmaster)(a4: none)
0x2581: 80068FB4 Leaving a crawlspace forwards (a2: 0x3E7)(a3: none)(a4: none)
0x2582: 80069020 Leaving a crawlspace backwards (a2: 0x3E7)(a3: none)(a4: none)
0x25E7: 8006B3EC Entering a blue warp as Child (a2: 0x3E7)(a3: Warp)(a4: none)
0x25E8: 8006B48C Entering a blue warp as Adult (a2: 0x3E7(a3: Warp)(a4: none)
0x25E9: 8006B508 Entering a blue warp with Ruto (a2: 0x3E7)(a3: Warp)(a4: none)
0x264E: 8006AF1C Link Dies (a2: 0x3C)(a3: Link)(a4: none)
0x26B4: 8006AF84 Fairy Resurrects Link (a2: 0x7D)(a3: Link)(a4: none)