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onepointdemos are a set of cutscenes which have a singular focal point. When pressing a switch for example, a onepointdemo is used to focus on the action of pressing that switch, while a second onepointdemo will focus on what changed due to that action, like a door unlocking within the room.

General Notes

z_onepointdemo.c Debug starts at code offset 0x5F130 (8007BF90)

z_onepointdemo.c NTSC 1.0 starts at offset 0x56BD0 (80067C70)

NTSC 1.0 Notes

onepointdemo NTSC is run at 8006B6FC
 a0 *ctxt	
 a1 Actor Cutscene ID	
 a2 Framecount (u16)	
 a3 *actor	
 sp 0x10 ??(u16)

Strange storage in the 800F0000 area, stored/read 147 times in NTSC 1.0
Some sort of camera queueing in the global context 
801C8680, 801C87EC
This is where cutscenes are temporarily stored, looks like.

	Lookup has 92 unique ID's
	a4 is SP+0x10, only found a single nonzero use of it (so far)

0x3E8: 8006B1A8 Link Looking Around (Tower Escape) (a2: 0x28)(a3: Zelda)(a4: none)
0x3F2: 80068F58 (Unused?)
0x3FC: 8006815C Dramatic Return to Link (a2: Varies)(a3: Actor)(a4: none)
	a2: 0x08 at Forest Temple Stalfos Elevator Lowers
	a2: 0x0F at Forest Temple Elevator Rise
	a2: 0x26 at Shadow Temple Falling Statue
	a2: 0x2A at Dodongo's Cavern Falling Stairs
0x406: 80068278 (Unused?)
0x44C: 8006AE64 Din's Fire Used (a2: 0xFF9B)(a3: none)(a4: none)
0x898: 80068A70 (Unused?)
0x8A2: 80068EB4 Bean Patch Song of Storms(a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Bean Patch)(a4: none)
0x8AC: 800688BC Deku Theater Mask Judging (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Deku Theater)(a4: none)
0x8B6: 80068944 (Deku Theater Judge?)
0x8D4: 800684A8 Lake Hylia Scarecrows (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Scarecrow)(a4: none)
0x8DE: 80068584 Pierre the Scarecrow Dances (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Pierre)(a4: none)
0x8E8: 80068720 (Bonooru the Scarecrow?)
0x8F2: 80068CCC Cucco Attack (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Cucco)(a4: none)
0x924: 800689B0 Deku Theater Using Mask of Truth (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Deku Theater Judge)(a4: none)
0x92E: 80068A38 Deku Theater Using Old or Disliked Mask (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Deku Theater)(a4: none)
0xBC2: (80108098) 8006926C Deku Tree Ladder Falling (a2: 0x32)(a3: Ladder)(a4: none)
0xBCC: (801080C0) 800691A8 Deku Tree Basement Web Burnt (a2: 0x28)(a3: Web)(a4: none)
0xBE0: (80108110) 80069158 Deku Tree Three Rising Platforms (a2: 0x1E)(a3: Platforms)(a4: none)
0xBEA: (80108138) 80069528 Dodongo's Cavern Falling Stairs (a2: 0x3E7)(a3: Stairs)(a4: none)
0xBF4: (80108160) 800694E4 Dodongo's Cavern Rising Platform (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Platform)(a4: none)
0xBF9: (80108174) 8006944C Dodongo's Cavern Eye Bombed Once (a2: 0x28)(a3: Cavern Jaw)(a4: none)
0xBFE: (80108188) 800692A8 Jabu Jabu's Belly Big Octorok Platform Kidnaps Ruto (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Big Octorok Platform)(a4: none)
0xC08: (801081B0) 80069330 Jabu Jabu's Belly Big Octorok Introduction (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Big Octorok)(a4: none)
0xC12: (801081D8) 80069364 Jabu Jabu's Belly Big Octorok Platform Rises (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Big Octorok Platform)(a4: none)
0xC1C: (80108200) 800693A8 Jabu Jabu's Belly Entrance Platform Lowers (a2: 0x0033)(a3: Platform)(a4: none)
0xC30: (80108250) 80069770 Water Temple Water Level Change (a2: 0xFF99)(a3: none)(a4: none)
0xC3A: (80108278) 800697E4 Water Temple Ruto Introduction (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Ruto)(a4: none)
0xC44: (801082A0) 80069830 Forest Temple Poe Introduction (a2: 0x3E7)(a3: none)(a4: none)
0xC4E: (801082C8) 800698AC Forest Temple Poe Blocks Fall (a2: 0x41)(a3: none)(a4: none)
0xC58: (801082F0) 80069A40 Forest Temple Poe Painting (a2: 0x23)(a3: Painting)(a4: none)
0xC62: (80108318) 8006994C Forest Temple Poe Blocks Solved (a2: 0x1E)(a3: Poe)(a4: none)
0xC6C: (80108340) 80069AE8 Forest Temple Final Poe Introduction (a2: 0x9C)(a3: Poe)(a4: none)
0xC76: (80108368) 80069BAC Forest Temple Poe Returning to Torch (a2: 0x3E7)(a3: Poe)(a4: none)

0xC94: (80107FF0) 80069E30 Forest Temple Stalfos Elevator Lowers (a2: 0x48)(a3: Elevator)(a4: none)
0xC9E: (80108018) 80069BE8 Forest Temple Elevator Rise (a2: 0x46)(a3: Elevator)(a4: none)
0xCA8: (80108040) 80069F20 Forest Temple Well Water Level Change (a2: 0x46)(a3: Water)(a4: none)
0xCBC: (80108090) 8006ACA8 Forest Temple Twisted Hallway Zoom In (a2: 0x28)(a3: Hallway)(a4: none)
0xCBD: (80108094) 8006ACF8 Forest Temple Twisted Hallway Zoom Out(a2: 0x28)(a3: Hallway)(a4: none)

0xCDA: (80107D6C) 8006A284 Fire Temple Fire Wall Chase Start (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Fire Wall)(a4: none)
0xCEE: (80107DBC) 8006A1F0 Fire Temple Stairs Lowered (a2: 0x64)(a3: Stairs)(a4: none)
0xD02: (80107E0C) 8006A588 Fire Temple Darunia Introduction (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Darunia)(a4: none)
0xD0C: (80107E34) 8006A37C Fire Temple Long Fire Wall Lowers (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Fire Wall)(a4: none)
0xD16: (80107E5C) 8006A4A0 Flame Circle Type 1 Activation (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Flame Circle)(a4: none)
0xD20: (80107E84) 8006A45C Flame Circle Type 3 Activation (a2: 0x3C)(a3: Flame Circle)(a4: none)
0xD34: (80107ED4) 8006944C Dodongo's Cavern Eye Bombed Twice (a2: 0xA0)(a3: Cavern Jaw)(a4: none)
0xD3E: (80107EFC) 8006A198 Shadow Temple Ship (a2: 0x3E7)(a3: Ship)(a4: none)
0xD48: (80107F24) 8006A08C Shadow Temple Falling Statue (a2: 0x3E7)(a3: Statue)(a4: none)
0xD52: (80107F4C) 8006A5CC Spirit Temple Light Blocking Rock Bombed (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Rock)(a4: none)
0xD66: (80107F9C) 8006A7AC Spirit Temple Chain Platform Lowers (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Platform)(a4: none)
0xD70: (80107FC4) 8006A6FC Spirit Temple Statue Face Crumbles (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Face)(a4: none)
0xD7A: (80107FEC) 8006A664 Spirit Temple Metal Grating Falls Over (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Grating)(a4: none)

0xFA0: (80107D10) 8006B28C Zelda Opening Gate (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Zelda)(a4: none)
0xFAA: (80107D38) 8006B2C0 Zelda Trapped During Escape (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Zelda)(a4: none)
0xFAB: (80107D3C) 8006B2F4 Zelda Rescued During Escape (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Zelda)(a4: none)
0xFB4: (80107D60) 8006B328 Lifting Giant Block in Ganon's Castle Lobby (a2: 0x10E)(a3: Block)(a4: none)
0xFB5: (80107D64) 8006B35C Lifting Giant Block in Fire Trial (a2: 0xDC)(a3: Block)(a4: none)
0xFB6: (80107D68) 8006B390 Lifting Giant Block Outside Ganon's Castle (a2: 0xD2)(a3: Block)(a4: none)

0x1004: (80107B28) 8006A844 Zora's River Waterfall (a2: FF9D)(a3: none)(a4: none)
0x100E: (80107B50) 8006A89C Frog Ocarina Game (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Frogs)(a4: none)
0x1018: (80107B78) 8006A8E0 Lake Hylia Water Temple Gate Unlocked (a2: 0xAA)(a3: Gate Switch)(a4: none)
0x102C: (80107BC8) 8006A92C Lost Woods Slingshot Target (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Slingshot Target)(a4: none)
0x1036: (80107BF0) 8006A96C Colossus Oasis Filled (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Oasis)(a4: none)
0x1040: (80107C18) 8006A9BC Haunted Wasteland Entrance Gate (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Gate)(a4: none)
0x104A: (80107C40) 8006AA0C Gerudo Training Ground Entrance Gate (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Gate)(a4: none)
0x104F: (80107C54) 80069084 Talon Runs Off (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Talon)(a4: none)
0x1054: (80107C68) 800690B8 Dodongo's Cavern Rock (a2: 0x32)(a3: none)(a4: none)
0x105E: (80107C90) 8006AA5C (Cutscene Goron? Biggoron?)
0x1068: (80107CB8) 8006AAAC Biggoron Stands Up (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Biggoron)(a4: none)
0x1072: (80107CE0) 8006AAFC Goron City Pot Bomb Received (a2: 0xF0)(a3: Pot)(a4: none)
0x107C: (80107D08) 8006AB98 Goron City Pot Torches Lit (a2: 0x50)(a3: Pot)(a4: none)
0x107D: (80107D0C) 8006AC64 Goron City Both Doors Open (a2: 0x8C)(a3: Door)(a4: none)

0x1194: 80068DE0 Falling Chest (a2: 0x270F)(a3: Chest)(a4: none)
0x119E: 80068D64 Water Temple Flat Gate (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Gate)(a4: none)
0x1388: 80068330 (Deku Theater Judge?)
0x1392: 80068438 (lots of stuff uses this, even Link... Link's actor is generally at 801DAA30 on NTSC 1.0)	
	Generic Triggered Event (a2: 0x1E)(a3: target)(a4: none)
	Dramatic Treasure Chest Spawn (a2: 0x64)(a3: Chest)(a4: none)
	Time Block Toggle (a2: 0x64)(a3: Time Block)(a4: none)
	Link looking around confusedly (low action shot) (a2: 0x1E)(a3: Link )(a4: 0x01)
	  a4 0x00 has alternate behavior (behind his back)
0x13F6: 8006B584 (Link?)(Quick actor focus that returns to link speedily, could be useful)
0x1400: 80068D24 Eye Switch Ice Melt (a2: 0x28)(a3: Ice)(a4: none)
0x1771: 80069F70 Coffin Opening (a2: 0x3E7)(a3: Coffin Lid)(a4: none)
0x177A: 80069D70 Forest Temple Gate Opening (a2: 0x14)(a3: Gate)(a4: none)
0x1F42: 8006AD7C Shooting Gallery Results Display (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: Shooting Gallery)(a4: none)
0x1F4A: 8006AD48 Bombchu Bowling Prize Reveal (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: none)(a4: none)
0x219B: 8006B224 Great Fairy Healing (a2: 0xFF9D)(a3: none)(a4: none)
0x219C: 8006B258 (Great Fairy?)
0x21FC: 8006ADB0 Kaepora Gaebora Owl Talks (a2: Varies)(a3: Owl)(a4: none)
	a2: 0xFF9E at Kokiri Forest, Colossus
	a2: 0xFF9D at Hyrule Castle, Kakariko
0x251C: 80068474 Grabbed by Wallmaster (a2: 0x270F)(a3: Wallmaster)(a4: none)
0x2581: 80068FB4 Leaving a crawlspace forwards (a2: 0x3E7)(a3: none)(a4: none)
0x2582: 80069020 Leaving a crawlspace backwards (a2: 0x3E7)(a3: none)(a4: none)
0x25E7: 8006B3EC Entering a blue warp as Child (a2: 0x3E7)(a3: Warp)(a4: none)
0x25E8: 8006B48C Entering a blue warp as Adult (a2: 0x3E7(a3: Warp)(a4: none)
0x25E9: 8006B508 Entering a blue warp with Ruto (a2: 0x3E7)(a3: Warp)(a4: none)
0x264E: 8006AF1C Link Dies (a2: 0x3C)(a3: Link)(a4: none)
0x26B4: 8006AF84 Fairy Resurrects Link (a2: 0x7D)(a3: Link)(a4: none)