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Fado was a beta of a Kokiri Girl in Ocarina of Time who possibly took on a different role then most kokiri. Fado was speculated to be the Wind Sage according to left over text that says Wind Medallion in Japanese and in Wind Waker, Fado(The Boy) is the wind sage until his death by Ganondorf. Though the taunting pictures that Nintendo power showed of Fado made us wonder more about her, she was thought to been have fully removed and no longer in the cartridge.
File:Beta Kokiri.jpg
Fado in the Prerelease released by Nintendo Power

Story about Fado's Restoration

ZethAlkar64, while being on ZSO was one of the few people who were there when the discovery of Fado's model file was found on the debug rom, he began looking into ways to bring her ingame, so upon doing some research and tutored under cooliscool to load up models by replacing the ingame trees, he was able to load her up for the first time, just a head at the time, but according to cooliscool, it looked as if her model had been corrupted. ZethAlkar64 began to on the task of understanding/researching zobj model data for over 8 months, determined he would restore her. After working with others on different projects and learning more about the model format, he finally begin attempting one last try at the model, at last a breakthrough, Zeth was able to restore her with some help from his work partner, spinout, who had previously restored the beta NPC, Object_human aka "Aria", another long lost model. Now the lost kokiri has been fully restored ingame with blinking eyes and full animations, though Zeth has released her along with the restoration of other beta kokiri, you can get the patch here. A video of her restoration can be seen here.

File:Fado Restored.jpg
Fado Restored Completely by Zeth Alkar

Fado found on cartridge

After Fado's restoration on the Ocarina of Time Master Quest Debug Rom, Zeth went through all object model files in Zelda OOT Cartridge Gold Edition 1.0 and to his surprise, he found Fado. His speculation that she was still somewhere in the cart was proven to be true. Zeth plans on releasing a 1.0 patch to bring Fado back to the cartridge sometime in the future.