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Below are two lists of all items in Ocarina of Time. The first list contains item 0x00 to 0x77. After item 0x77 the IDs serve different purposes depending on situation, so those items are listed separately, without IDs. For example: ID 0x78 and 0x79 is the Small and Big Magic Jar in the function which uses item ID as the argument to give link items, but for chest content both 0x78 and 0x79 give you a Blue Rupee instead.

Only items 0x00-0x3A are properly usable as inventory items as they have Action Parameters asigned to them. The item action id table have two blank entries at the end for item 0x3B and 0x3C, making it possible to turn Kokiri Sword and Master Sword into usable inventory items.

Items past 0x59 do not appear correctly when used as inventory or equipment items due to their icon textures being located in different files, using different formats.

ID Item Used
Inventory Items
00 Deku Stick
01 Deku Nut
02 Bomb
03 Fairy Bow
04 Fire Arrow
05 Din's Fire
06 Fairy Slingshot
07 Fairy Ocarina
08 Ocarina of Time
09 Bombchu (10)
0A Hookshot
0B Longshot
0C Ice Arrow
0D Farore's Wind
0E Boomerang
0F Lens of Truth
10 Magic Bean
11 Megaton Hammer
12 Light Arrow
13 Nayru's Love
14 Empty Bottle
15 Red Potion
16 Green Potion
17 Blue Potion
18 Bottled Fairy
19 Fish
1A Lon Lon Milk & Bottle
1B [Ruto's] Letter
1C Blue Fire
1D Bug
1E Big Poe
1F Lon Lon Milk (Half)
20 Poe
21 Weird Egg
22 Chicken
23 Zelda's Letter
24 Keaton Mask
25 Skull Mask
26 Spooky Mask
27 Bunny Hood
28 Goron Mask
29 Zora Mask
2A Gerudo Mask
2B Mask of Truth
2D Pocket Egg
2E Pocket Cucco
2F Cojiro
30 Odd Mushroom
31 Odd Potion
32 Poacher's Saw
33 Goron's Sword (Broken)
34 Prescription
35 Eyeball Frog
36 Eye Drops
37 Claim Check
38 Fairy Bow & Fire Arrow
39 Fairy Bow & Ice Arrow
3A Fairy Bow & Light Arrow
3B Kokiri Sword
3C Master Sword
3D Giant's Knife & Biggoron's Sword
3E Deku Shield
3F Hylian Shield
40 Mirror Shield
41 Kokiri Tunic
42 Goron Tunic
43 Zora Tunic
44 Kokiri Boots
45 Iron Boots
46 Hover Boots
47 Bullet Bag (Holds 30)
48 Bullet Bag (Holds 40)
49 Bullet Bag (Holds 50)
4A Quiver (Holds 30)
4B Big Quiver (Holds 40)
4C Biggest Quiver (Holds 50)
4D Bomb Bag (Holds 20)
4E Big Bomb Bag (Holds 30)
4F Biggest Bomb Bag (Holds 40)
50 Goron's Bracelet
51 Silver Gauntlets
52 Golden Gauntlets
53 Silver Scale
54 Golden Scale
55 Giant's Knife (Broken)
56 Adult's Wallet
57 Giant's Wallet
58 Deku Seeds (5)  ?
59 Fishing Pole
Quest Items
5A Minuet of Forest
5B Bolero of Fire
5C Serenade of Water
5D Requiem of Spirit
5E Nocturne of Shadow
5F Prelude of Light
60 Zelda's Lullaby
61 Epona's Song
62 Saria's Song
63 Sun's Song
64 Song of Time
65 Song of Storms
66 Forest Medallion
67 Fire Medallion
68 Water Medallion
69 Spirit Medallion
6A Shadow Medallion
6B Light Medallion
6C Kokiri's Emerald
6D Goron's Ruby
6E Zora's Sapphire
6F Stone of Agony
70 Gerudo's Card
71 Gold Skulltula [Token]
72 Heart Container
73 Piece of Heart [?]  ?
Dungeon Items
74 Big Key
75 Compass
76 Dungeon Map
77 Small Key
78 Small Magic Jar
79 Large Magic Jar
7A Piece of Heart
Removed Items
7B [Removed]
7C [Removed]
7D [Removed]
7E [Removed]
7F [Removed]
80 [Removed]
81 [Removed]
Other Items
82 Lon Lon Milk
83 Recovery Heart
84 Green Rupee
85 Blue Rupee
86 Red Rupee
87 Purple Rupee
88 Huge Rupee
89 [Removed]
8A Deku Sticks (5)  ?
8B Deku Sticks (10)  ?
8C Deku Nuts (5)
8D Deku Nuts (10)
8E Bombs (5)
8F Bombs (10)
90 Bombs (20)
91 Bombs (30)
92 Arrows (5 or 10)
93 Arrows (10 or 30)
94 Arrows (30 or 50)
95 Deku Seeds (30)
96 Bombchu (5)
97 Bombchu (20)
98 Deku Stick Upgrade (Holds 20 Sticks)
99 Deku Stick Upgrade (Holds 30 Sticks)
9A Deku Nut Upgrade (Holds 30 Nuts)
9B Deku Nut Upgrade (Holds 40 Nuts)
FF [No Item]  ?
Magic Jar