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The wiki has an active chatroom. Access the chat via your browser by clicking here.

If no one replies to your messages right away, wait around for awhile. The chatroom has varying levels of activity, but there's almost always someone around who's willing to talk and answer questions.

Connecting Via IRC

If you want to connect to the chatroom using IRC, you will need to download an IRC client. This is a program that can connect to the Internet Relay Chat network. Here are some suggestions:

When you have downloaded and installed an IRC client, click on the Chat (IRC) link on the left sidebar. You should be connected to the TCRF chatroom automatically. You can also join manually by using the information below.

Server Name:
Server Port: 6667 (6697 SSL)
Server Password: N/A
Channel Name: #zelda


The chat is pretty relaxed, but there are some rules you will need to follow.

  1. Be nice! Don't start fights or cause drama.
  2. No racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia/intolerance of any kind.
  3. No sexual harassment or rape jokes.
  4. Don't spam the channel.
  5. Don't argue with the admins.
  6. Don't harass other users.
  7. All bots must be explicitly approved by the admins.
    • Currently approved bots: CAT-3000, CloudBot, Eldis4, OCA, Z-Discord

Use good taste and good judgment. You never know who you're talking to.

Handling Disputes

If you have problems with another user, don't contact them directly. Instead, send a private message to a chat admin. Always be polite, and avoid escalating the situation.

Admin List:

  • CloudMax
  • einstein95
  • GlitterBerri
  • Playtendo
  • ShimmerFairy

Getting Banned

If you break the rules, have a nasty attitude, or otherwise make yourself unwelcome in the channel, you may find yourself facing a ban. Remember, our chatroom is privately run, and it's a privilege to be here, not a right. A ban on the IRC channel may not extend to the wiki, in which case you will still be free to edit the wiki, as long as you follow its rules.

Temporary Bans

Sometimes, bans are temporary. That means that they will expire after a set time, and you will be able to participate in the chat again. Think of the ban as a warning, try to understand what you did wrong, and change your behavior, or you may not be so lucky next time.

Permanent Bans

If your ban is permanent, that means you've done something very wrong, or you've been warned in the past but haven't changed your behavior. It's unlikely that a permanent ban will be overturned, but you can try waiting a few months and request a second chance if you can prove that you understand what you did wrong and that you will not make the same mistakes again.

Ban Evasion

Circumventing bans is prohibited. If you attempt to get around a ban, you will never be welcome to participate in the chatroom again. Don't do this.

Helpful Commands

/nick NICKNAME - Change your nickname.

/msg USERNAME message - Send a private message to USERNAME.

/join #ROOM-NAME - Join another room on the same server.

/part #ROOM-NAME - Leave a room.