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elf_message_field and elf_message_ydan store data related to the helpful hints Navi gives when idling in an area for long enough.


Each record is 4 bytes long, and is ordered by the sequence in which each hint should be relevant xxxxtt?? where

  • x is a variable component
    • & E000 is the command type
  • t is the text id to display, where + 0x100 will be added to the given value
  • ? is unknown

Command Type 0 Format

For values of x:

  • & 1000 stores what state the flag should be in to trigger the hint
  • & 0F00 is the event_chk_inf variable to look at
  • & 00F0 is the bit number within the chosen event_chk_inf to test (rightmost = 0)