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Damage effects are found in the actor file, I have notes on it (c&p'd from a message I got from punk7890).

They're not all the same for each actor but you can take a look around these offsets: These aren't my notes, I think they're Xu's I don't remember how I found some of mine. Some have something like FFCFFF beside where there damage is done to Link. 00 01 02 03 04 are Fire, ice, normal and knockback (not in that order)

Every thing goes up by 19! (25 normally)

  • 1= There were more, of it's "attacks" but didn't bother to copy it.

1/4 Heart Damage from Enemies

C3BB51- Bdan Object? (Something from Jabu Jabu)
C4FCA5- Scythe Statues from the Shadow Temple?

C61371- Ice Spinner, from Ice Cavern?

C67489- Spirit Temple related (Haheniron?)

C95E09 King Dodongo's Rolling attack?
C95E2D King Dodongo's Rolling attack 2?
C95E51 King Dodongo's rolling attack 3?

D8F271 Arwings Damage
D8F29D Arwings Damage (second beam?)

EB3F49 Stalchild's Damage

EBA3ED Cursed Skulltula Families Damage 

EBCF6D Skulltula Damage

EDC341 Tubo Trap?

EED7C9 Wolfos's Swipe
EED7ED Wolfos's Swipe 2

EF9C51 Flying Floor Tile

1/2 Heart Damage from Enemies

CE44C9- Ghoma's Damage
CE44ED- Ghoma's... second attack?
CE450C- Ghoma's third attack?
CE4535- Ghoma's fourth attack?*1

D69619- Armos Damage?

D98265- Guay's Damage

D9FAC5- Deku Baba's Damage

DAEAB1- Dodongo Jr.

DF0C85- Gerudo Fighter

E02391- Ghoma Larva
E023BD- Ghoma Larva's second attack?

E4CA9D- Withered Deku Baba

E5FD35- Moblin

E72041- Deku Nuts shot from Deku Scrubs (actor 0193)

E788A1- Oktorok?

E93721- Poe sisters

E97A89- Poe

EA0649- Like Like?
EA0675- Like Like Damage 2?

EB75A9- Skullkid's Damage

EB80A1- Skullkid's Needle, Damage?

EC4F59- Skullwalltula's Damage

ED1469- Tektite's Damage

EE98D1- Stinger's Damage

EFFF25- Dinoflos Damage

234060 - Octorok's Rock Damage

Enemies that hurt a heart

C333A9 Stalfos 

CAO382- Flying Volvagia?

CB3911 Ganondorf's Ground Pound?

CD1F05 Ganon's... Attack?

CDE341 Phantom Ganon's Attack

D4F601 Fake Door's attack

E88821 Peehat

EE488D Beamos

Enemies that hurt 2 Hearts

CA4CD9 Volvagia?

D0F335 Twin Rova?

Enemies that hurt 3 hearts

CDE36D Phantom Ganon's... Lightning Bolt?

DOF322- Twinrova

Enemies that hurt 4 hearts

CD2155 Ganon's Attack
CD2179 Ganon's Second Attack

Enemies that "hurt" with fire

D7AC88 Biri's Fire Attack?!
D850B8 Flobbery Muscle Blocks, Fire Attack?!
D8BAC8 Blocking Tentacle from Jabu Jabu's Fire Attack?!
ED88F0 Taliparisan's Fire Attack?
EDE758 Bari's Fire Attack?

Enemies that hurt 1/4 heart with fire

D6C821 Anubis's Fire
DC4A14 Flare Dancer's direct attack
DC4A3D Flare Dancer 2


E8D12D Field Poe's Fire

Enemies that hurt 1/2 heart with fire

D8AA81 Torch Slug

DC5C31 Flare Dancer's Flame

DC98CD "Falling Rubble"

DCBB29 Fire Keese

Enemies that "damage" with Ice

F43761 Freeze Trap

Enemies that hurt 1/4 heart with Lightning

D1E059 Barinade's flash bolts

D8BAC1 Blocking Tentacle from Jabu Jabu

D8BAED Blocking Tentacle 2?

Enemies that hurt 1/2 heart with Lightning

D7AC81 Biri's Attack

D850B1 Flobbery Muscle Block

ED88E9 Taliparisan's Attack?

Enemies that hurt 1/2 heart with Knockback

DB8571 Stinger's in their submerged forms Attack

E743A9 Spike Enemy

EAE9C1 Shell Blade

Enemies that hurt 1 heart with Knockback

DD1071 Floormaster's Attack

Enemies (Special Case) Fire

00 20 00 00 00 01 04

C548C1 Firewall Fire Damage effect?

C508C4 Skull from the Shadow Temple's damage?

C55A22 Proximity Activated Firewall's damage?

C56C20 Large Firewall's Damage

C5ACDD Fire Temple Stone Block's Damage?

C5B9C9 Spinning Flame Thrower Statue1
C5B9ED 2
C5BA11 3
C5BA35 4
C5BA59 5
C5BA7D 6*1

C5CEC9- Flame Thrower Statue's Damage (04) *1

DB158D- Dodongo's Flame Damage (10)

Enemies (Special Case) Normal

00 20 00 00 00

C4DBA9- Scythe Spinners? (04)
C4DBE5- Scythe Spinners?2 (04)

C8E009- Rotating Spike Cylinders(04)
C8E045- Rotating Spike Cylinders2 (04)

D716E9- Hanging Tentacles from Jabu Jabu (04)

E04A69- Rolling Rocks Damage (04)

D78A0D- Big Octo's Damage (08)
D78A49- Big Octo's Damage2 (08)
D78A75- Big Octo's Damage3 (08)

C3C178- Jabu Jabu's Switch Damage? (10)

CFC189- Bongo Bongo's Damage? (30)
CFC1AD- Bongo Bongo's Damage?2 (30)

E2EFE5- Iron Knuckle's Damage! (40)

Enemies (Special Case)Ice

00 20 00 00 00 02 

DD87D9- Frezzard's Damage (02 08)

Enemies (Special Case) Lightning

00 20 00 00 00 03

D1E095- Barinade's Flash Bolts? (04)

Enemies (Special Case) Knockback

00 20 00 00 00 04

CFC359- Bongo Bongo's Attack? (10)


DC98BA- Flying Rubble (09 08)?

E9C5AA- Leever (08 08)?

EDE71A- Tubo Trap? (07 08)?
EDE76A- Tubo Trap2