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VIEW Structure

The "VIEW" is a common structure that appears in all game states that I believe stores the final information on the active camera, which is then converted into a projection matrix. Each Game State defines it's own VIEW struct. Below is both the struct and the initial values, when initialized by the NTSC 1.0 function located at 80091858:

 /* 0x00 */ u32 VIEW;            //0x56494557, or string literal VIEW
 /* 0x04 */ ptr graphicsContext; //stores address to the start of the Graphics Context
 /* 0x08 */ s32 viewportTopY    =   0;    
 /* 0x0C */ s32 viewportBottomY = 240;
 /* 0x10 */ s32 viewportLeftX   =   0;   
 /* 0x14 */ s32 viewportRightX  = 320;
 /* 0x18 */ float fieldOfView   = 60.0f;
 /* 0x1C */ float fogDistance   = 10.0f;
 /* 0x20 */ float zDepth        = 12800.0f;
 /* 0x24 */ float unk1          = 1.0f;
 /* 0x28 */ float unk2          = 0.0f;
 /* ... */
 /* 0x124 */ u32 unk_0x124      = 0;

Camera Structure

The Camera structure is a structure seen in at least in the "main game" game state that is used to represent a pin-hole? camera located within world space. The main game state defines and uses up to 4 camera structs at any one time. At Game Play + 0x790 is a pointer array to the four cameras used in game. These structs are allocated to game_play at the following locations:

Offset Usage
0x01E0 Follows the player
0x034C typically used for cutscenes
0x04B8 Used when Pierre dances
0x0624  ?
//union at the beginning of the struct. The following few bytes only applies to the first camera
  0x0000 f32 //?
  0x0004 f32 //tween time step (0 to 1)
  0x0008 f32 //?
  0x000C f32 //?
  0x0010 f32 //?
  0x0014 f32 //?
  0x0018 f32 //?
  0x001C s16 //?
  0x0050 f32[3] //xyz 1 (could be camera focus or loc)
  0x005C f32[3] //xyz 2 (could be camera focus or loc)
  0x007C ptr //Game Play
  0x0080 ptr //Follow Actor (Link)
  0x00FC f32 = Angle of View
  0x011C s32 //Index for 800EEE70 (camera behavior?) table. Stores next behavior when surfacing water?
  0x0124 = Focus Point tween list
  0x0128 = Camera Position tween list
  0x0142 s16 Camera S property //State, Index for 800EEE70 (camera behavior?) table
  0x0144 s16 Camera M property //Mode
  0x014C s16 //? flags?
  0x0164 s16 //?
  //known values: +0x01E0, +0x034C from game_play

the second camera:
 0x004 f32 //tween time step (0 to 1)
 0x008 s16 //tween point list array index

Camera Behavior Data

According to the Debug Rom's Camera Debugger (enabled by setting the halfword at 80210BA4 to 1, or setting RO00 in the memory editor), cameras have 4 primary properties: S, M, F, and I

  • S seems to stand for State. It acts as a global behavior for the camera.
  • M seems to stand for mode. This usually changes depending on Link's actions.
  • F is presumably the function executing the camera behavior logic
  • I is unknown


typedef struct //Camera S
    s32 unkFlags;
    z_Camera_M* m; //Pointer to array of Camera M data
} z_Camera_S

typedef struct //Camera M
    s16 f; //Sets function for handling camera movement
} z_Camera_M

Camera S Data

This table is located at Debug 8011D064; NTSC 800EEE70, B64DD0. The Camera S property can be set either through Link touching/being over polygon types, or it can be changed programmatically by actors.

Camera S data
NTSC 1.0, B64DD0
Id Data Pointer Size Name Description
00 00000000 00000000 00 NONE Keeps previous camera type (except 1F), becomes 01-03 if no other camera exists
01 051FFFFF 800ED990 A8 NORMAL0 Default, a bit far
02 051FFFFF 800EDA38 A8 NORMAL1 Default, far
03 051FFFFF 800EDAE0 A8 DUNGEON0 Default, zoomed
04 051FFFFF 800EDB88 A8 DUNGEON1 Default, more zoomed
05 050FF7FF 800EDC30 A0 NORMAL3 Default, like 01 but higher Y-Axis
06 8500018F 800EDCD0 48 HORSE0
07 051FFFFF 800EDD18 A8 BOSS_GOMA Default, like 01 but lower Y-Axis
08 051FFFFF 800EDDC0 A8 BOSS_DODO Default, farther than 07
09 051FFFFF 800EDE68 A8 BOSS_BARI Default, like 08 but lower Y-Axis
0A 051FFFFF 800EDF10 A8 BOSS_FGANON Default, like 07 but higher Y-Axis
0B 051FFFFF 800EDFB8 A8 BOSS_BAL Default, farther than 02
0C 051FFFFF 800EE060 A8 BOSS_SHADES Default, same as 0B?
0D 051FFFFF 800EE108 A8 BOSS_MOFA Default, zoomed, slightly angle to the sky, FOV changes (but can't be adjusted)
0E 051FFFFF 800EE1B0 A8 BOSS_TWIN0 Default, slightly farther than 07
0F 051FFFFF 800EE258 A8 BOSS_TWIN1 Default, same as 0D but without FOV
10 051FFFFF 800EE300 A8 BOSS_GANON1 Default, like 01 but higher Y-Axis
11 051FFFFF 800EE3A8 A8 BOSS_GANON2 Default, far
12 851FFFFF 800EE450 A8 TOWER0 Default, zoomed, high Y-Axis, weird rotation
13 851FFFFF 800EE4F8 A8 TOWER1 Default, zoomed, high Y-Axis, weird rotation but to the opposite direction as 12
14 8500000D 800EE5A0 20 FIXED0 Fixed camera, no rotation
15 85000001 800EE5C0 08 FIXED1 Fixed camera, no rotation
16 85000001 800EE5C8 08 CIRCLE0 Fixed camera, focuses on link
17 85000001 800EE5D0 08 CIRCLE2 Shops
18 851E1FFF 800EE5D8 A8 CIRCLE3 Fixed camera, farther than 16, focuses on link
19 8C00000D 800EE680 20 PREREND0 Fixed camera, no rotation, instant transition
1A 8C00000D 800EE6A0 20 PREREND1 Fixed camera, disables the rest of the cameras once triggered, focuses on link
1B 8C000001 800EE6C0 08 PREREND3 Fixed camera, position updates towards east/west of the camera when link moves
1C C5000001 800EE6C8 08 DOOR0 Fixed camera, same as 1A but with black bars
1D C5000003 800EE6D0 10 DOORC
1E C5000001 800EE6E0 08 RAIL3  ???, keeps zooming to link until it glitches
1F C5000001 800EE6E8 08 START0 Fixed camera, no rotation, instant transition, resets with camera type 00
20 C5000001 800EE6F0 08 START1 Fixed camera, no rotation, instant transition, disables the rest of the cameras once triggered
21 05000001 800EE6F8 08 FREE0 Camera position and rotation freezes until another camera type is triggered
22 05000001 800EE700 08 FREE2 Same as 21
23 85000001 800EE708 08 CIRCLE4 Fixed camera, focuses on link, instant transition
24 05000003 800EE710 10 CIRCLE5  ???, focuses on link, behavior changes depending on which camera type you had before?
25 CE000001 800EE720 08 DEMO0
26 4E000001 800EE728 08 DEMO1 Same as 21
27 05000009 800EE730 20 MORI1 Fixed camera, rotation is fixed but position follows link, smooth transition
28 45000001 800EE750 08 ITEM0  ???, blue warp cutscene?, disables the rest of the cameras once triggered
29 45000001 800EE758 08 ITEM1 Same as 21
2A 45000001 800EE760 08 DEMO3
2B 45000001 800EE768 08 DEMO4 Same as 21 but with black bars
2C 451FFFFF 800EE770 A8 UFOBEAN Overhead at 45º, close to link
2D 451FFFFF 800EE818 A8 LIFTBEAN Same as 03
2E C5000001 800EE8C0 08 SCENE0
2F 45000001 800EE8C8 08 SCENE1  ???, camera position freezes, keeps zooming on link until it glitches
30 05000001 800EE8D0 08 HIDAN1  ???, camera goes extremely far, focuses on link
31 45000001 800EE8D8 08 HIDAN2
32 45000001 800EE8E0 08 MORI2 Same as 21
33 45000001 800EE8E8 08 MORI3
34 451FFFFF 800EE8F0 A8 TAKO Overhead at 45º, close to link
35 05000033 800EE998 30 SPOT05A Overhead at 80º, ignores walls
36 05000033 800EE9C8 30 SPOT05B Overhead at 80º, farther than 35
37 05000033 800EE9F8 30 HIDAN3 Overhead at 80º but doesn't clip through walls
38 4A000001 800EEA28 08 ITEM2 Ocarina camera, movement controls are inverted, camera stucks into this state until you use the ocarina
39 05000001 800EEA30 08 CIRCLE6 Same as 21 but with black bars
3A 051FFFFF 800EEA38 A8 NORMAL2 Same as 03 but doesn't pan down near ledges
3B 0501E05F 800EEAE0 88 FISHING Default, like 3A but higher Y-Axis
3C 45000001 800EEB68 08 DEMOC Same as 21 but with black bars
3D 051FFFFF 800EEB70 A8 UO_FIBER Default, camera is at ground level and angles to the sky
3E 051FFFFF 800EEC18 A8 DUNGEON2 Same as 03
3F 051FFFFF 800EECC0 A8 TEPPEN Same as 3D
40 C5000ECD 800EED68 60 CIRCLE7 Fixed camera, focuses on link
41 051FFFFF 800EEDC8 A8 NORMAL4 Same as 03

Camera M Types

Id Name

Function Data

List of the functions referenced by the Camera M struct. The function table is located at 800EF080 in NTSC 1.0

Id Function NTSC 1.0
00 NONE 00000000
01 NORM0() 8003A2C4
02 NORM1() 80038A14
03 NORM2() 8003946C
04 NORM3() 80039BFC
05 NORM4() 8003A2A4
06 PARA0() 8003AC14
07 PARA1() 8003A2E4
08 PARA2() 8003AB70
09 PARA3() 8003AB90
0A PARA4() 8003ABF4
0B KEEP0() 8003F9DC
0C KEEP1() 8003D400
0D KEEP2() 8003E150
0E KEEP3() 8003E170
0F KEEP4() 8003EBC4
10 SUBJ0() 80041540
11 SUBJ1() 800408C8
12 SUBJ2() 800408E8
13 SUBJ3() 80040908
14 SUBJ4() 80040F0C
15 JUMP0() 8003C2EC
16 JUMP1() 8003AC34
17 JUMP2() 8003B274
18 JUMP3() 8003BB60
19 JUMP4() 8003C2CC
1A BATT0() 8003D3E0
1B BATT1() 8003C30C
1C BATT2() 8003D048
1D BATT3() 8003D068
1E BATT4() 8003D088
1F FIXD0() 800408A8
20 FIXD1() 8003FC7C
21 FIXD2() 8003FF68
22 FIXD3() 8004031C
23 FIXD4() 8004051C
24 DATA0() 80041560
25 DATA1() 80041580
26 DATA2() 800415A0
27 DATA3() 800415C0
28 DATA4() 800415E0
29 UNIQ0() 8004260C
2A UNIQ1() 800418CC
2B UNIQ2() 80041D50
2C UNIQ3() 80042108
2D UNIQ4() 80042BC0
2E UNIQ5() 80042BE0
2F UNIQ6() 80042C00
30 UNIQ7() 80042D30
31 UNIQ8() 80042F34
32 UNIQ9() 80042F54
33 DEMO0() 80046220
34 DEMO1() 8004442C
35 DEMO2() 80044604
36 DEMO3() 80044624
37 DEMO4() 80045110
38 DEMO5() 80045130
39 DEMO6() 80045B08
3A DEMO7() 80045DAC
3B DEMO8() 80045DE0
3C DEMO9() 80045E00
3D SPEC0() 80046240
3E SPEC1() 80046388
3F SPEC2() 800463A8
40 SPEC3() 800463C8
41 SPEC4() 800463E8
42 SPEC5() 8004658C
43 SPEC6() 80046C7C
44 SPEC7() 80046930
45 SPEC8() 800470EC
46 SPEC9() 8004710C