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00587958 - Save Context

Heap 08080000
Size Description
51B2F4 08080010 0015E0 Static Context
08081600 023570 Contains filenames
080A4B80 000120 rom:/misc/throbber.ctxb reference
080A4CB0 002050 data for rom:/misc/throbber.ctxb
080A6D10 000120 rom:/sound/QueenSound.bcsar reference
080A6E40 500000 ctxb? 0x5544 is blocklist
085A6E50 000710
085A7570 000120 rom:/message/plate.ctxb reference
085A76A0 000120 rom:/message/parts.ctxb reference
085A77D0 000120 rom:/message/sprite.qsp reference
085A7900 000120 rom:/message/layout.qly reference
085A7A30 000120 rom:/message/anim.qan reference
085A7B60 000120 rom:/message/color.qcl reference
085A7C90 000800 data for rom:/message/color.qcl
085A84A0 000120 rom:/message/us/us.qm reference
085A85D0 000120 rom:/message/us/ltn16.qbf reference
085AA1E0 040050 data for rom:/message/plate.ctxb
085EA240 010050 data for rom:/message/parts.ctxb
085FA2A0 002800 data for rom:/message/sprite.qsp
085FCAB0 002C00 data for rom:/message/layout.qly
085FF6C0 0063D0
08605AA0 110D90 data for rom:/message/us/us.qm
08716840 006E50 data for rom:/message/us/ltn16.qbf
0871D6A0 001190
0871E840 008040 Game Play
0877AA20 n/a currently loaded ZSI file.
n/a n/a currently loaded ZAR? (hiearchy?) (follows above)
n/a n/a currently loaded ZAR (file) (follows above)
005A2E3C 09DBFFF0 0E0010 Actor Heap (note that this is anchored to the end of RAM)
09EA0000  ? Contains various files?