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Item IDs

The following is a table of which IDs belong to which items within The Wind Waker.

Hex Icon Texture Name Item Used Notes
00 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Heart
01 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Green Rupee
02 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Blue Rupee
03 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Yellow Rupee
04 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Red Rupee
05 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Purple Rupee
06 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Orange Rupee
07 File:TWW-Icon-heart up 02.png heart_up_02 Piece of Heart
08 File:TWW-Icon-heart up 01.png heart_up_01 Heart Container
09 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Small Magic Jar
0A File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Large Magic Jar
0B File:TWW-Icon-bomb 00.png bomb_00 Bombs (5)
0C File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Bombs (10)
0D File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Bombs (20)
0E File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Bombs (30)
0F File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Silver Rupee
10 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Arrows (10)
11 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Arrows (20)
12 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Arrows (30)
13 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank]
14 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank]
15 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Small Key
16 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Fairy
17 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank] Placeholder slot for Piece of Heart 2/4.
18 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank] Placeholder slot for Piece of Heart 3/4.
19 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank] Placeholder slot for Piece of Heart 4/4.
1A File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Yellow Rupee Sarcastic "Is this a joke?" item get message. Used only in the Japanese version.
1B File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank]
1C File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank]
1D File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank]
1E File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Three Hearts
1F File:TWW-Icon-beast 08.png beast_08 Joy Pendant
20 File:TWW-Icon-telescope.png telescope Telescope
21 File:TWW-Icon-whistle.png whistle Tingle Tuner
22 File:TWW-Icon-baton.png baton Wind Waker
23 File:TWW-Icon-camera.png camera Pictobox
24 File:TWW-Icon-coverofbeast.png coverofbeast Spoils Bag
25 File:TWW-Icon-rope.png rope Grappling Hook
26 File:TWW-Icon-camera 2.png camera_2 Deluxe Pictobox
27 File:TWW-Icon-bow 01.png bow_01 Hero's Bow
28 File:TWW-Icon-gloves 00.png gloves_00 Power Bracelets
29 File:TWW-Icon-boots 00.png boots_00 Iron Boots
2A File:TWW-Icon-shield 02.png shield_02 Magic Armor
2B File:TWW-Icon-boots 01.png boots_01 Water Boots
2C File:TWW-Icon-coverofbait.png coverofbait Bait Bag
2D File:TWW-Icon-boomerang.png boomerang Boomerang
2E File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Bare Hand Disables Power Bracelets.
2F File:TWW-Icon-hookshot.png hookshot Hookshot
30 File:TWW-Icon-delivery.png Delivery Bag
31 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Bombs
32 File:TWW-Icon-clothes.png clothes Hero's Clothes
33 File:TWW-Icon-hammer 01.png hammer_01 Skull Hammer
34 File:TWW-Icon-fan.png fan Deku Leaf
35 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Fire and Ice Arrows
36 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Light Arrows
37 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Hero's New Clothes
38 File:TWW-Icon-sword 00.png sword_00 Hero's Sword
39 File:TWW-Icon-sword 01.png sword_01 Master Sword (Powerless)
3A File:TWW-Icon-sword 02.png sword_02 Master Sword (Half Power)
3B File:TWW-Icon-shield 00.png shield_00 Hero's Shield
3C File:TWW-Icon-shield 01.png shield_01 Mirror Shield
3D File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Hero's Sword (Dropped)
3E File:TWW-Icon-sword 03.png sword_03 Master Sword (Full Power)
3F File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Piece of Heart (Alternate Message)
40 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank]
41 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank]
42 File:TWW-Icon-amulet 00.png amulet_00 Pirate's Charm
43 File:TWW-Icon-amulet 01.png amulet_01 Hero's Charm
44 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Grass Ball
45 File:TWW-Icon-beast 01.png beast_01 Skull Necklace
46 File:TWW-Icon-beast 02.png beast_02 Boko Baba Seed
47 File:TWW-Icon-beast 03.png beast_03 Golden Feather
48 File:TWW-Icon-beast 04.png beast_04 Knight's Crest
49 File:TWW-Icon-beast 05.png beast_05 Red Chu Jelly
4A File:TWW-Icon-beast 06.png beast_06 Green Chu Jelly
4B File:TWW-Icon-beast 07.png beast_07 Blue Chu Jelly
4C File:TWW-Icon-dungeon map.png dungeon_map Dungeon Map
4D File:TWW-Icon-compass.png Compass
4E File:TWW-Icon-boss key.png boss_key Big Key
4F File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Empty Bship Intended to be bottle contents.
50 File:TWW-Icon-bottle 00.png bottle_00 Empty Bottle
51 File:TWW-Icon-bottle 01.png bottle_01 Red Potion
52 File:TWW-Icon-bottle 02.png bottle_02 Green Potion
53 File:TWW-Icon-bottle 03.png bottle_03 Blue Potion
54 File:TWW-Icon-bottle 09.png bottle_09 Elixir Soup (1/2)
55 File:TWW-Icon-bottle 04.png bottle_04 Elixir Soup
56 File:TWW-Icon-bottle 05.png bottle_05 Bottled Water
57 File:TWW-Icon-bottle 06.png bottle_06 Bottled Fairy
58 File:TWW-Icon-bottle 07.png bottle_07 Bottled Forest Firefly
59 File:TWW-Icon-bottle 08.png bottle_08 Bottled Forest Water
5A File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank] Placeholder slot for additional bottle contents.
5B File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank] Placeholder slot for additional bottle contents.
5C File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank] Placeholder slot for additional bottle contents.
5D File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank] Placeholder slot for additional bottle contents.
5E File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank] Placeholder slot for additional bottle contents.
5F File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank] Placeholder slot for additional bottle contents.
60 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank] Placeholder slot for additional bottle contents.
61 File:TWW-Icon-triforce 00.png triforce_00 Triforce Shard 1
62 File:TWW-Icon-triforce 01.png triforce_01 Triforce Shard 2
63 File:TWW-Icon-triforce 02.png triforce_02 Triforce Shard 3
64 File:TWW-Icon-triforce 03.png triforce_03 Triforce Shard 4
65 File:TWW-Icon-triforce 04.png triforce_04 Triforce Shard 5
66 File:TWW-Icon-triforce 05.png triforce_05 Triforce Shard 6
67 File:TWW-Icon-triforce 06.png triforce_06 Triforce Shard 7
68 File:TWW-Icon-triforce 07.png triforce_07 Triforce Shard 8
69 File:TWW-Icon-god symbol 02.png god_symbol_02 Nayru's Pearl
6A File:TWW-Icon-god symbol 00.png god_symbol_00 Din's Pearl
6B File:TWW-Icon-god symbol 01.png god_symbol_01 Farore's Pearl
6C File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Knowledge TF
6D File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Wind's Requiem
6E File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Ballad of Gales
6F File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Command Melody
70 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Earth God's Lyric
71 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Wind God's Aria
72 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Song of Passing
73 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank]
74 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank]
75 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank]
76 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank]
77 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank]
78 File:TWW-Icon-sail 00.png Sail
79 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Deciphered Triforce Chart 1
7A File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Deciphered Triforce Chart 2
7B File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Deciphered Triforce Chart 3
7C File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Deciphered Triforce Chart 4
7D File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Deciphered Triforce Chart 5
7E File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Deciphered Triforce Chart 6
7F File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Deciphered Triforce Chart 7
80 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Deciphered Triforce Chart 8
81 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank]
82 File:TWW-Icon-bait 01.png bait_01 Bait
83 File:TWW-Icon-bait 02.png bait_02 Hyoi Pear
84 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank]
85 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [Blank]
86 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [?]
87 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [?]
88 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [?]
89 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [?]
8A File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [?]
8B File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [?]
8C File:TWW-Icon-delivery 01.png delivery_01 Town Flower
8D File:TWW-Icon-delivery 02.png delivery_02 Sea Flower
8E File:TWW-Icon-delivery 03.png delivery_03 Exotic Flower
8F File:TWW-Icon-delivery 04.png delivery_04 Hero's Flag
90 File:TWW-Icon-delivery 05.png delivery_05 Big Catch Flag
91 File:TWW-Icon-delivery 06.png delivery_06 Big Sale Flag
92 File:TWW-Icon-delivery 07.png delivery_07 Pinwheel
93 File:TWW-Icon-delivery 08.png delivery_08 Sickle Moon Flag
94 File:TWW-Icon-delivery 09.png delivery_09 Skull Tower Idol
95 File:TWW-Icon-delivery 10.png delivery_10 Fountain Idol
96 File:TWW-Icon-delivery 11.png delivery_11 Postman Statue
97 File:TWW-Icon-delivery 12.png delivery_12 Shop Guru Statue
98 File:TWW-Icon-delivery 13.png delivery_13 Father's Letter
99 File:TWW-Icon-delivery 14.png delivery_14 Note to Mom
9A File:TWW-Icon-delivery 15.png delivery_15 Maggie's Letter
9B File:TWW-Icon-delivery 16.png delivery_16 Moblin's Letter
9C File:TWW-Icon-delivery 17.png delivery_17 Cabana Deed
9D File:TWW-Icon-delivery 18.png delivery_18 Complimentary ID
9E File:TWW-Icon-delivery 19.png delivery_19 Fill-Up Coupon
9F File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Legendary Pictograph Doesn't actually give a Legendary Pictograph.
A0 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [?]
A1 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [?]
A2 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [?]
A3 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Dragon Tingle Statue
A4 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Forbidden Tingle Statue
A5 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Goddess Tingle Statue
A6 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Earth Tingle Statue
A7 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Wind Tingle Statue
A8 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [?]
A9 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [?]
AA File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Hurricane Spin
AB File:TWW-Icon-big purse.png big_purse Wallet (1000 Rupees)
AC File:TWW-Icon-max purse.png max_purse Wallet (5000 Rupees)
AD File:TWW-Icon-bombpouch 1.png bombpouch_1 Bomb Bag (60)
AE File:TWW-Icon-bombpouch 2.png bombpouch_2 Bomb Bag (99)
AF File:TWW-Icon-arrowcase 1.png arrowcase_1 Quiver (60 Arrows)
B0 File:TWW-Icon-arrowcase 2.png arrowcase_2 Quiver (99 Arrows)
B1 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [?]
B2 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Increased Magic Power
B3 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png 50 Rupees Reward for turning in 1 Tingle Statue at once.
B4 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png 100 Rupees Reward for turning in 2 Tingle Statues at once.
B5 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png 150 Rupees Reward for turning in 3 Tingle Statues at once.
B6 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png 200 Rupees Reward for turning in 4 Tingle Statues at once.
B7 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png 250 Rupees Reward for turning in 5 Tingle Statues at once.
B8 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png 500 Rupees Additional reward for finding all Tingle Statues after you've turned them all in.
B9 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [?]
BA File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [?]
BB File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [?]
BC File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [?]
BD File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [?]
BE File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [?]
BF File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [?]
C0 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [?]
C1 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png [?]
C2 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Submarine Chart
C3 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Beedle's Chart
C4 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Platform Chart
C5 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Light Ring Chart
C6 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Secret Cave Chart
C7 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Sea Hearts Chart
C8 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Island Hearts Chart
C9 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Great Fairy Chart
CA File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Octo Chart
CB File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png INcredible Chart
CC File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 7
CD File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 27
CE File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 21
CF File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 13
D0 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 32
D1 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 19
D2 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 41
D3 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 26
D4 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 8
D5 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 37
D6 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 25
D7 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 17
D8 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 36
D9 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 22
DA File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 9
DB File:TWW-Icon-cmap phantomship2.png cmap_phantomship2 Ghost Ship Chart
DC File:TWW-Icon-cmap tingle2.png cmap_tingle2 Tingle's Chart
DD File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 14
DE File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 10
DF File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 40
E0 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 3
E1 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 4
E2 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 28
E3 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 16
E4 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 18
E5 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 34
E6 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 29
E7 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 1
E8 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 35
E9 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 12
EA File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 6
EB File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 24
EC File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 39
ED File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 38
EE File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 2
EF File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 33
F0 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 31
F1 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 23
F2 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 5
F3 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 20
F4 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 30
F5 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 15
F6 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Treasure Chart 11
F7 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Triforce Chart 8
F8 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Triforce Chart 7
F9 File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Triforce Chart 6
FA File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Triforce Chart 5
FB File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Triforce Chart 4
FC File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Triforce Chart 3
FD File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Triforce Chart 2
FE File:TWW-Icon-xxx.png Triforce Chart 1
FF [Null] Used as a special value to signify no item.

Unsorted Icons

File:TWW-Icon-arrow 00.png

File:TWW-Icon-arrow 01.png

File:TWW-Icon-arrow 02.png

File:TWW-Icon-arrow 03.png

File:TWW-Icon-arrow power 01.png

File:TWW-Icon-arrow power 02.png

File:TWW-Icon-baton stone.png

File:TWW-Icon-boko stick.png

File:TWW-Icon-cover return.png

File:TWW-Icon-get key.png

File:TWW-Icon-get rupy.png


File:TWW-Icon-iron club.png


File:TWW-Icon-sail 01.png

File:TWW-Icon-sail 02.png


File:TWW-Icon-tingle figure.png