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item_table.bin is found in the folder res/ItemTable. Each entry within it holds 16 item IDs. These IDs are used to determine what items should spawn from cut grass and broken pots, barrels, and other destructible objects.

File Header

The file header is 0x10 bytes long, with the following format:

Offset Size Name Description
Magic Should be "ITEM_TABLE".
Entry Count 0x1E in vanilla.


Each table entry is 0x10 bytes long. Each byte is an item ID.

For the table entries at indexes 0x0B-0x14, the game will spawn every item listed, allowing it to spawn up to 16 items at once. If any of the item IDs are 0xFF (invalid), the game will stop prematurely and not spawn that item or any after it in the list.

For the table entries at indexes 0x00-0x0A or 0x15-0x1E, the game will choose just one random item ID out of the 16 to spawn. If it randomly selects an item ID of 0xFF (invalid), the game will spawn no item.

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