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ID Name Function
0x01 F3DEX2_VTX Fills the vertex buffer with vertex information (ex. coordinates, color values)
0x02 F3DEX2_MODIFYVTX Allows modification of texture coordinates and color values of one vertex
0x03 F3DEX2_CULLDL (usage unknown)
0x04 F3DEX2_BRANCH_Z (usage unknown)
0x05 F3DEX2_TRI1 Renders one triangle according to the vertices inside the vertex buffer
0x06 F3DEX2_TRI2 Renders two triangles according to the vertices inside the vertex buffer
0x07 F3DEX2_QUAD Renders one quad according to the vertices inside the vertex buffer
0x08 to 0xD2 unused
0xD3 F3DEX2_SPECIAL_3 (usage unknown)
0xD4 F3DEX2_SPECIAL_2 (usage unknown)
0xD5 F3DEX2_SPECIAL_1 (usage unknown)
0xD6 F3DEX2_DMA_IO (usage unknown)
0xD7 F3DEX2_TEXTURE Sets the texture scaling factor
0xD8 F3DEX2_POPMTX (usage unknown)
0xD9 F3DEX2_GEOMETRYMODE Enables or disables certain geometry parameters (ex. lighting, front-/backface culling, Z-buffer)
0xDA F3DEX2_MTX (usage unknown)
0xDB F3DEX2_MOVEWORD (usage unknown)
0xDC F3DEX2_MOVEMEM (usage unknown)
0xDD F3DEX2_LOAD_UCODE (usage unknown)
0xDE F3DEX2_DL Signifies the start of a Display List
0xDF F3DEX2_ENDDL Terminates the current Display List
0xE0 F3DEX2_SPNOOP (usage unknown)
0xE1 F3DEX2_RDPHALF_1 Executes another Display List and returns to the current afterwards
0xE2 F3DEX2_SETOTHERMODE_L Sets other attributes (blending)
0xE3 F3DEX2_SETOTHERMODE_H Sets other attributes (combiner)
0xE4 G_TEXRECT (usage unknown)
0xE5 G_TEXRECTFLIP (usage unknown)
0xE6 G_RDPLOADSYNC (usage unknown)
0xE7 G_RDPPIPESYNC (usage unknown)
0xE8 G_RDPTILESYNC (usage unknown)
0xE9 G_RDPFULLSYNC (usage unknown)
0xEA G_SETKEYGB (usage unknown)
0xEB G_SETKEYR (usage unknown)
0xEC G_SETCONVERT (usage unknown)
0xED G_SETSCISSOR (usage unknown)
0xEE G_SETPRIMDEPTH (usage unknown)
0xEF G_RDPSETOTHERMODE (usage unknown)
0xF0 G_LOADTLUT Loads a palette to use for CI-type textures
0xF1 F3DEX2_RDPHALF_2 (usage unknown)
0xF2 G_SETTILESIZE Sets the texture coordinates and size
0xF3 G_LOADBLOCK (usage unknown)
0xF4 G_LOADTILE (usage unknown)
0xF5 G_SETTILE Sets the texture properties (ex. mirroring)
0xF6 G_FILLRECT (usage unknown)
0xF7 G_SETFILLCOLOR (usage unknown)
0xF8 G_SETFOGCOLOR Sets the fog color
0xF9 G_SETBLENDCOLOR Sets the blend color for combiner
0xFA G_SETPRIMCOLOR Sets the primitive color for combiner
0xFB G_SETENVCOLOR Sets the environment color for combiner
0xFC G_SETCOMBINE Performs combining operations (ex. multi-texturing)
0xFD G_SETTIMG Sets the texture image offset
0xFE G_SETZIMG (usage unknown)
0xFF G_SETCIMG (usage unknown)