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spinout's attempts at converting wavefront obj model data into something nice.

Upcoming Canidate

Something written in C called libobj. Needs a front-end which produces collision and scene+map headers. libobj.
Yes, this is all depreciated by now. The following articles (once they are written!) contain wuts gud.

Current version

spinout wrote an awesome obj viewer, which parsed wavefront obj files like a boss. He then forked it into a model converter, which turned out so-so. Progress was at a standstill for a while, but it has recently picked up speed. The current version (last updated Aug 22) can be found on spinout's site.

The old POS

"obj2zelda is a Python script to translate wavefront obj data into n64 compliant F3DEX2 data, as well as Zelda 64 collision data. It is being written by spinout after receiving numerous requests. Textures currently have to be 32x32 24-bit bmp format.
Script can be found here."
File:Imported area2.png
The results of the old porter

The older POS

No triangle optimization whatsoever, no textures, model had to be hacked in RAM to show up. The only thing ever converted.