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002223F0 XXXX  -  Tells you the number of the message that is displayed on the screen. It is used for the "MESSAGE = XXXX" feature 
in the Debug ROM.
(code to activate this debug feature is: 81211CE4 0001)

002223F4 00XX  -  Message box selection
The values are as follows:
 01-Beta(Code: Beta message box always ON - 812223F4 0001)
 04-Beta Musicbox (Code: 812223F4 0004) 

00222400       -  The actual message text. This can be changed as you please and will appear the way you've modified it.

002224DA 00XX  -  The transparency of the text that is shown

002224DC XX000000YY - How long the MESSAGE box will stay up before disappearing. XX is how long it should stay up, and YY is just a 
counter that'll remove the MESSAGE box when it's counted down to 00.

00-FE: Will make it count down from the value you provide.
   FF: Will make the MESSAGE box permanent until you press A.

002224FA 00RR00GG00BB000000AA  -  Color and transparency of the MESSAGE box

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