Mod:Navi Replacement (Debug)

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Replace Navi with whatever. You can credit me if you would like, but it isn't a big deal. If you use it and don't credit me it's okay unless you say that you explicitly made this.

#rom address: 0x00C08520
#ram address: 0x803D9820
#Null a relocation at 0x00C24DDC
addiu	sp, sp, 0xFFC0
sw	a0, 0x0040(sp)
sw	a1, 0x0044(sp)
sw	a2, 0x0048(sp)
sw	ra, 0x002C(sp)
sw	a3, 0x004C(sp)
#spawn object
lui	a0, 0x8022
ori	a0, a0, 0x37C4	# Constant
jal	0x80097C00	# Spawn object
ori	a1, r0, 0x0086  # object number
#spawn actor
lw	a1, 0x0040(sp)	#arg 1
addiu	a0, a1, 0x1C24	#arg 0
ori	a2, r0, 0x0082	# Actor number
lui	t0, 0xC4FA
sw	t0, 0x0010(sp)	# Y pos (-2000.0)
sw	r0, 0x0014(sp)	# Z pos
sw	r0, 0x0018(sp)	# X rot
sw	r0, 0x001C(sp)	# Y rot
sw	r0, 0x0020(sp)	# Z rot
jal	0x80031F50	# actor spawn function
sw	r0, 0x0024(sp)	# Variable
lw	ra, 0x002C(sp)
addiu	sp, sp, 0x0040
jr	ra