Particle Effect Overlay Table

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code (File)
Particle Effect Overlay Table
NTSC 1.00D6BA000B5DBA000B5DFAC800E7C40800E804C
PAL MQ0D3B9000B5BB9000B5BF9C800E4A90800E4E9C

The particle effect manages the particle effect files (overlays). It defines a particle effect's id, maps the particle's code to a virtual address, and during gameplay is used to find the overlay in ram


xxxxxxxx yyyyyyyy aaaaaaaa bbbbbbbb
rrrrrrrr pppppppp ????????

  • x y: Start/End Virtual Rom addresses of the particle effect's file
  • a b: Start/End Virtual Ram addresses of the particle effect's file
  • r: Ram address of the overlay, when loaded into ram. Set to 0 in Rom
  • p: ?, possibly a pointer to the initialization routine
  • ?: Unknown, set to 0x01000000 in Rom